one direction

These days it was so dusty. So much dust storm you cannot see anything. I dont like dust storm. I am already writing so many times about how I dont like them. The dust all gets in your nose your mouth your hair. Full house has layer of dust on everything. So much extra work for me to clean. Anyway I already tell you all that so I tell you what my story is today.

Few days ago Sara is going to see one direction concert. She is so excited. All the time she talk about Harry this harry that. Liam this Liam that. Even I am getting excited because Sara is going. Maam is going for concert but she is only going because she has to take Sara and her friends. She say I cannot stand this group I wish I was not going for this concert. Sara get so mad at maam she say Mom you can just drop us and pick us up. Maam say nonsense I am not letting you go to concert by yourself. Full time they are fighting like this. 

Anyway this concert is most exciting thing for Sara and all the girls in Dubai. And all newspaper is talking about it. Then I read something else funny in paper. That the concert is almost get cancel because of dust storm. The plane is on runway for 18 hour because the dust storm is so bad. I am laughing when I read this. I tell you why.

In dust storm you are not able to see anything. It is like you are losing your sense of direction. Even one direction has no direction in a dust storm. When I tell maam this she laugh and say Sally one direction has no direction all the time. Sara again get mad at maam when she say this. Maam is just laughing. 

I think maam is doing all this on purpose to make Sara mad. These days both Sara and maam have only one direction. Make each other mad.

friend update

So much time has pass I think I will tell you about all my friends. Friend update. I try to remember everyone. Maybe I do few today and few next time.

I start with Alona. Remember she is the one who is changing her name to Dory and coming to Dubai to work. Because she is too young for work in Dubai she is changing her name. She is becoming someone else to come and work here. I still call her Dory because that is how I know her. Dory went back to Philippine when her contract is expire because her passport is also expire. She tell me she want to settle back home. But I find out she is now working in Doha. She is not talking to us in Dubai. I think she want to forget about Dory. She is alone Alona now. 

Anita is the girl who is my maid at my maams friends house. She is not nice. Few day back we are going to her house. Maam tell me Sally you go help Anita in kitchen. Full time Anita is asking me what salary you get Sally? why your maam is not make you wear uniform Sally? Does your maam buy you shampoo? your maam is taking nap in afternoon? why Sara is wearing so short skirt? too much question full time. I have to be careful what I tell Anita. Because she report to her maam. She is like reporter for tsismis newspaper. 

Diana is my school friend who is coming to work in Dubai. She was living in my street only but then my maam is moving house so she is little bit far. I remember when she is first coming to Dubai she is so fashionable. But she not want to give me her clothes or shoe to wear. She call me fat. But I think it is because she is missing her home. Because now she is nice. She talk to me on phone all the time. We remember how we sell plastic bag to make money in philippine. Every one would stop for two little girl in the market who is selling plastic bag. That way we make little bit peso for our family. Diana is from my home and she always remind me of my home.

Ellie was my neighbor in maams old house. All the time she want me to keep her thing in maams store room. Maam is getting so angry with me. She tell me Sally why you keep this girls junk? Ellie is now work in other maams house. Her maam is not letting her talk on phone. or go out or anything. She is like in a jail. 

Gina was living in the house where her maam and sir is doing divorce. After the divorce she is staying with her maam for few month. Then her maam is leaving Dubai and going back to england. So Gina is going back home. I am hearing that Gina is getting marry and is living in Manila. 

Jackie is my friend who get pregnant and is go back to Cebu. She have baby there. Then she come back to work in Dubai. She leave the baby with her mother. She living near Bur dubai somewhere. So far from me so I dont meet her. She is far from me but more far from her child. 

Jennys maam take her passport and say she lose it. So Jenny try to run away. They are finding her and then she is in big trouble. She is getting her passport but also big ban on passport. Jenny go back to Philippines. Lilibeth tell me now she is working there in ofw agency. She is making less money but she have her own passport with her. 

Judy Ann is not my friend but she is girl who work in laundry. She is so homesick full time. She go back to philippines and I never see her again.

More update next time. maam just update me she is coming home soon.

Home again

I am not writing for so many months. I have no choice. I am going back to my home country. Maam and Sir is having to leave Dubai. They go to London for sirs job. Project for 6 month. Children also going with them. I tell you everything but not today. It is too how you say emotional for me. One day I am here in Dubai next day in Davao. Really it happen like that. They tell me Sally we so sorry this opportunity too good. They say you go to your home and when we come back to Dubai we are calling you. Maam say Sally you can be transfer to some other house in Dubai if you want or you can go home for some time and we call you when we are coming back to Dubai.

How I am suppose to live without my salary I asking them. 6 month is long time. Maam say she give me salary for 3 month for notice. She say Sally that is more than fair. you free to get other job if you want Sally I cannot lock you up. But I hope you wait for me to come back.

I am thinking suppose I find a bad sir and maam. Suppose it take me 6 month to find new contract. suppose I only get contract in saudi or some place where I have to wear uniform or hijab. I will have to go to agency again. I remember that days and I think this. Better I come back to this maam when she is calling me. Maybe she call me to London also. I am hoping but that call not come. 

then suddenly in December she call me and say Sally come back we are coming back. Just like that. It is like Christmas present for me. So she do my visa and I am back. 

Children have become so big. I not see them for so many months. Sara is like big teenager girl. She is doing hair all the time. Flick like this. Flick like that. Eye mascara also. She angry all the time because she have boyfriend in London. All the time she is on her mobile. Rayan is also become big. He is ten year old now. He not give me hug when he see me just shake the hand. I feel so sad. It is like I become stranger for him.

When we come back to house it is so dusty. Maam tell me Sally we have to clean everything and make it fit to live. She and sir are living in hotel with children. I have to live in dusty house and clean it up in 5 days and make it ready for them. But I dont mind.

I went home but now I feel I am home again.


I realize last time I am writing it is Christmas. Now Easter has also gone. It is so many days. Everyday I think that today I will write but then something is happening and I get so busy. I am so busy with so much work. It is because children is becoming big. Both of them all the time want something. They come from school and say Sally we want snack. Sally we want fruit. Sally we want dinner. Sally you make cake. Sally you iron this clothes. Sally sally sally. Full time I am running behind these two children.

Maam always tell me Sally you give them what they are wanting. dont bother me. Last week Sarah tell maam this. She say mummy you are best mummy because you do so many thing for us. you always give us snack you always keep our clothes ready. Maam is very happy when she say this. But I am little bit upset that maam is always taking credit for my work. But what I can say?

Anyway on Easter maam is doing easter egg treasure hunt every year. I am telling you about this before also one time. Children look for clue and then at end of treasure hunt there is some present. Rayan is now become little suspect of maam. He say how is this bunny putting all this egg? Why the bunny bring egg? How the bunny come into house? Why the treasure hunt always look like same?

He look at maam and say I think you are the easter bunny.

I see maams face. She have two choice. She can say yes I am bunny and take full credit for the treasure hunt. Or she can say no I am not bunny. If she say yes then it mean that Rayan is now big boy. If she say no she is able to keep thinking he is baby. I am thinking what maam will say?

Maam is very clever. She say Rayan if you dont believe then the easter bunny will be very sad and not come next year. Now I look at Rayans face. He have two choice also. He can say I dont believe and then no present next year. Or he can say I believe and he will get his present. What you think he will say? He is only 9. But he is also clever. He say I know easter bunny will always bring me present. Because the easter bunny love me.

Anyway after all that the children open presents. Inside maam is putting some chocolate easter bunny. But full chocolate bunny is melted. Children do not care. They just lick full wrapper and eat melted bunny. I am thinking it is good thing only chocolate bunny is melting and not the real easter bunny. It is good thing that maam is able to save the real easter bunny.

And I am also thinking this. When I do the work maam is always taking credit. And that make me upset. But when maam do the work on easter she let easter bunny take the credit. And that way maam is not only saving easter bunny. She is also saving Rayans childhood. And that make me smile. I am not upset with maam anymore. It is ok if she take credit for my work.


It is almost christmas. Maam is getting a tree and we are all decorating it. It is very pretty. It has little lights that we are putting on in the night. And a big star on the top. Maam is having to climb on big ladder to put decoration on tree. I think this full tree is cost more than my salary for one month. Really.

Anyway maams friend is come here for Christmas celebration with full family. She is maams very good friend from school days. Maam is not seeing her for many years. She is coming with her husband and 3 children. Whole house is full. There is 5 more people in house.  And 3 children are big. Like my age. They are working in big company in their home country. I wish even I have chance like them to work in big company.

I dont like maams friend. Her name is V. She is all the time giving me order. She say Sally you do this. Sally you do that. Sally make tea. Sally this coffee not hot you need to make hot. Yesterday I hear V tell maam that she give me too much free time. She give maam full lecture about me. Maam is not saying anything. I hope maam does not listen what this V is saying.

Vs daughters only want to do makeup and shopping. Every day maam have to take them to mall. They come home at night with so many bag. I dont know how they will take everything home. Then they want to go to party. So maam take them out after dinner again. Every day. Same thing. Shopping party shopping party shopping party. Maam is looking very tired. I am worry for her. She have bad back. I hope she not get problem again.

Every day in morning I am making breakfast. So much work. So much cooking. And laundry also is so much. And they are going for lot of party so lot of ironing also. And house also have to be clean. They are so messy. Shoes is everywhere. Bed is to be make. Shopping they are trying on clothes and throwing in room. Then they tell me to fold everything. 

I think maam is get fed up. Today maam say Sally I am tired. I want this break to be over soon. I tell her maam even I am tired. there is lot of work. Maam say Sally you go rest but dont let V see you resting. She smile and I know she is with me.

This break is just beginning. I hope maam and I dont break before it is over.