tree in the storm

Two days back there is a big storm in Dubai. So much sand. So much wind. I think that the trees outside our house is going to fall down. The trees are moving with the wind. Bending so much. I hope it not fall down on top of the house. The storm is going away. But this bending tree is make me remember a story my grandmother tell me when I am small. I tell you.

There is a very big mango tree. It is very strong. And there is a lampakanai. It is like a very long grass that grow near the water. In my home country we make basket from this grass. And sometimes even we make chair from this grass.

In the story the mango tree is boasting too much. It is so proud. It say I am so strong. I am so tall. Everyone is loving my tasty fruit. Nothing is able to break me. The lampakanai say I am also strong. I am also useful. People use me to make baskets.  The mango tree is laughing at the lampakanai. One day there is a big storm. Lot of wind is coming. The mango tree is falling down. The lampakanai is bending with the wind. The wind is blowing more hard. The lampakanai is bending more. But it is not breaking. After the storm the strong mango tree is dead. the weak lampakanai is alive. 

When she tell me this story I am thinking why she tell me this story? I am so young. not mature like today. I am not understanding the story. I tell my grandmother I want to be the mango tree. I want to be strong and proud. not weak and bending. I want to be the mango. not the empty lampakanai basket. Because the mango is so tasty. and the basket has nothing inside it.  My grandmother say Sally the empty basket is better than the tasty mango. Because it can carry the weight of many mango. But I still do not understand.

Now I remember what she say. And I understand. that she want me to bend in the storm. That there are so many different storms that will come in my life. That it is easy to be strong and proud like the mango tree with so tasty fruit. But no fruit will grow if the mango tree is dead.

It is better to be the lampakanai. Because I will not break with the wind. Because I can fill the empty basket with so many things. with stories. of my life. But I cannot do that if I cannot stand in a storm. I have to bend with the wind.


Anonymous said...

Loved your folk story. Reminded me of the African stories we used to hear as kids. You only get to comprehend the meaning once you are older.

dubaisally said...

Thanks. I like the story too.

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