balikbayan box

Some week back I taking box to my cuzzin Luena in Sharja because maam is tell me no collect junk in her house. I collecting all this thing to send to my family in Philippine.  All house maid is do that. We sending all thing in big box. balikbayan box. Like I sending shoe and pencil for my sister and brother. I sending toaster. I sending noodle from here. clothes. scarf. slipper. some old toy that my friend Ellie is give me. I sending soap shampoo. Like that. We wrapping all soap shampoo and all with tape so it not coming out.  I am balikbayan. That mean I am filipino who work in other country. abroad. That why this box call balikbayan box. Lot of worker who come here is taking box with them on plane when they going back home. or they sending box from here with cargo.

I am remembering first time I seeing this box, when I am small girl my friend Josephine mother is work abroad. So much excite the family is feel when the balikbayan box is come. They waiting full family there when they opening. Sometime they calling their friend to see also. That how I seeing it. Josephine is call me say Sally come see it so exciting. When they opening box it is smelling so good. Then Josephine is tell me that the smell of abroad. I never smelling abroad before and I thinking what this place abroad that smelling so good? But when I is going abroad it not smelling like that. For me it only smelling kitchen and bathroom smell.

My maam is giving me her and children old clothes for sending to family. She saying Sally if you want take. if you not want give me I putting in box at Choitram. I always taking because someone in family is wearing. Maam clothes is all nice thing I not knowing why she throwing. She saying Sally this tshirt is stretch. Sally this tshirt faded. I not see stretch or fade. I only see thing I can put in box.

I telling maam I am wanting to send tv to my family. Maam is saying sally why you doing that? it so expensive to ship tv. I telling her I want surprise my family. I want tv to be deliver and they is open door and get so excite. Maam saying Sally what if tv is break when you ship? Then it not good. I also now is scare if it break. then my heart also is break.

When my balikbayan box is get full I sending all these thing to my family. I sending my heart to my family. 


jepoy said...

Hi Sally!

Ganyan talaga ang buhay ng mga OFW. Naalala ko nga ang sinabi sa akin ng mama ko nung sabihin ko sa kanya na mamili nalang kami sa Pilipinas kesa magpadala ako ng package..mas makakamura pa ako. Pero ang sabi nya "iba kasi kapag galing abroad ang gamit. Iba ang amoy, at iba ang feeling na nagbubukas ng package." Natawa lang ako noon..kaya nagpadala na rin ako..

Alam mo napapabilib mo talaga ako. Bilib ako sa mga tulad mo na kahit hindi ganun kabihasa sa salitang banyaga ay nakakapagkwento ng tungkol sa buhay ng isang OFW. More power to your blog!

junpaX Rebollos said...

you know what sally, you are giving me an inspiration and confidence to write my own blog. haha keep on blogging.

Aira Joaquin said...

Hi sally you can send balikbayan box through they have a balikbayan goods campaign which offer cheaper shipping fee since all the products came from the philippines. They are also giving away discounts. They have imported chocolates, perfume and other stuff also.

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