Today maam be getting up and seeing in paper that there is eclipse. She be getting all excite. She telling me Sally no look sun with eye we look with bucket of water. So she get bucket and put in garden out side. She telling children no look at sun also. Then she saying Sally when eclipse come we go out and look in water and see the sun in the water.  

I ask maam why this eclipse is coming? Maam she telling me something about moon and sun all going around and I am not understand. Then maam taking paper and pencil and doing drawing on the paper but I still no get. Maam then say Sally it like moon shadow going on sun and I saying maam why you no explain like that before? But how moon shadow going on sun I not understand but I getting bore with all this science talking so I not ask her again.

Then maam is reading in paper they saying lot people scare of eclipse. Maam say Sally that all supstishum you no believe all that. I telling her no maam I not believe but what mean supstishum?  Maam be explain me that black cat no good for some family they believe it bringing bad luck. I saying yes maam I get. It like when snake come in house in china it bring good luck. Then maam saying no no all rubbish. Maybe one time snake is coming and children is scare so then someone say no no children no worry that snake bring good luck that why now everyone believe it. I tell her yes maam you right no thing like that.

Then I tell her that there half man half snake person who living in mall in my home country. I really believing that. People is seeing it. Really it living Robinson mall. we calling him snake man. His twin is owner of mall. he live in mall basment. He eat girl who go in mall change room. I so scare I never going into that mall. Maam laughing lot and saying Sally you big now you must not believe all this rubbish that man maybe his skin is burn from some accident or maybe he be having some problem when he is born. How I tell maam that I not believe her? How she know? It in my home country she not go there even one time. Then I asking maam if she believe mermaid real or not. Maam shaking her head saying Sally you must stop all this nonsens thinking. After this maam wearing her sun glass and go outside to find sun. She get so excite when she seeing sun getting cover up. She calling me to see also.  she tell me no look at sun Sally look only in the water. 

When I look in bucket of water I am only see snake and mermaid. and snake man. Now I no get sleep in night.

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