Pets and dreams

Last night I am having this dream. But before I tell you my dream I have to tell you why my mind is having this dream. Three or four things is happening that is make me have this dream.

Few days back I am reading in paper that a peacock is escape from zoo in new york. It is walking on the road. Everyone is looking at it and take its picture. I am not knowing if they catch the peacock. Or maybe someone is find it and keep it as a pet. 

Children is very bored these day so they nagging maam for a pet. My maam is not wanting any pets. She is not wanting to do any work for the pet. She telling children if they want pet then they having to do all job for the pet. Children saying we doing everything but Sally having to clean poo poo. I know if maam getting pet and she telling me to clean poo poo I am having no choice. I am having to clean poo poo and  look after pet if it coming in this house.

Like my friend Joanna. She is very upset. Her maam is getting a dog. Big dog. Joanna is telling me that the dog is coming from europe. She say the dog is having its own passport. Imagine. Joanna is getting scare of dogs but she is having to do everything for dog. I laughing when she take dog for walk. Dog is all the time jumping. All the time running. The dog is making Joanna run. But actually Joanna is wanting to run from the dog. 

Some month back my maam is showing me picture of tiger sitting in a car. Really. It just sit there and look out of window. I telling Joanna that she is lucky that her maam is getting a dog. and not a tiger or lion. 

So all these pet thing is happen in past few days. It all in my mind. And Maam is still little bit angry with me. About going out without telling her. About the clothes. She is talking to me but she still is not putting back the key in the kitchen door.

Then last night I am having this dream. I am dreaming that my maam is telling me Sally we are getting tiger for pet. In my dream I am taking tiger for a walk to park and cleaning its poo poo. And Joanna is laughing. She is telling me Sally you are so lucky you having tiger for pet and you not having a dog. When I am going back home maam is saying Sally tiger will sleep in your room. Imagine I am sleeping on the bed and tiger is on the floor.

Then in my dream my maam is opening the door of my room and is standing with a man. She telling the man this pet is all the time running away. We having to lock it up and take its passport. In my dream I am thinking that she is telling the man to lock the tiger and the tigers passport. 

But then the man is taking away my passport and putting me in a cage. In the cage is a peacock. and the tiger is free and just sitting and looking out of the window. When I waking up in the morning I am looking for the tiger and the peacock. Then I am realising it is all a dream. First I am starting to laugh. 

But then I realise that this dream is really my life. Except there is no pet.

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