Play and Rain

Two days back it raining lots. at night. Even little bit ice falling from sky. Rayan already sleeping. Sara get so excite. She saying she want to go outside and eat ice when it falling down. Maam saying no Sara sometime the rain having pollution inside it.

I not understand how my lucky rain is have pollution. Everything smelling so clean. Everything smelling so fresh. Like it is all washed. Not dirty like pollution. Even yesterday it so cloudy like it going to rain again. I am wanting to stand outside and just smell it the whole day. It smelling of rain. It smelling of my home.

When I am small and it raining all children is running outside and playing. We dancing in the rain. No one having any worry. No one thinking we have no money. We all the same. We playing in water. We putting leaf in water and make it like a boat. We splash water. We have so much fun. I missing those day so much.

I missing all my childhood game. chimpoy champoy clapping game. luksong tinik also call jumping over thorn. piko like hopscot. jack en poy the song is coming in my head even now. jack en poy hali hali hoy sinong matalo siyang unggoy. Unggoy mean monkey so the loser is a monkey. my brothers favourite game turumpo. he and his friend all the time throwing top and which top spin longest is winner. We playing any where. on street. in house. in school. even near where they throwing garbage. It not matter.

Me and my brothers and sister is  not having that much toys but we having so much good time. Not like maam children.They having so many toys and books. but they only wanting to play on computer. or watch tv. All the time they asking maam for computer and tv. Maam very strict she only letting them go sometime. like after they finishing home work. or on friday and saturday afternoon when she sleeping.

I thinking it better when they on computer. otherwise they fighting all the time. They fighting what to do. They fighting what game to play. Sara say she wanting monoply Rayan wanting to ride bike. Sara wanting to play card Rayan wanting to do play doh. Even if they playing house if Sara wanting to be baby Rayan wanting to be baby. or Sara wanting Rayan to be baby Rayan wanting to be puppy.

Maam say children stop fight do rock paper sissor. Then they fighting who winning rock paper sissor. or how many time they doing rock paper sissor. Even in my before sir house it the same. Children have so much toy but they not play like children. It better if less toy for children. then less fight also.

Today it little sunny again. But all this rain and cloud past two days is make me miss my childhood days. It make me want to be child again. But I having to do all work like any other day. Yesterday maam saying Sally this weather make me not want to do any work it making me feel so lazy.

I thinking this weather make me also not want to do any work. But it not making me lazy. It making me want to play. 


Anonymous said...

I love the rain of the Philippines and I've seen children playing in it many times. It is impossible to think of the Philippines and not smell the rain or the ocean. There is no place like the Philippines. I can tell Sally misses it and I don't know a single Filipino who does not want to go home except for the money they make overseas. The assumption is they will always go home to finish their days in happiness.

Unknown said...

u must read this Sally, faces prison and deportation

ConservativeKen said...

The good news is Ma'am does not appear to be the type of person to do such a terrible thing. The bad news is there are many in the Arab world using such tactics to retaliate against their indentured servants.

Once again, Sally's humility outshines the situation she is in. We who see it are fortunate to understand it yet powerless to help.

On a lighter note, I will end my life living in the Philippines and I hope to someday meet this brave OFW with such an incredible mind. I will keep following this blog of hers and someday maybe she is famous. Either way, I will surely be in Davao with my asawa and we can visit her for lunch or something.

Whatever happens, I just hope she keeps writing because such a beautiful mind should not be kept silent.

ConservativeKen said...

Stop being so afraid.............

You are better than these people you fear.


Anonymous said...

this is a classic and the talent of this girl must be appriciated hoping that god gives u the best for ever

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