Today maam pearl necklace is breaking. All pearl is falling everywhere. Maam and me picking up all pearl. Maam say Sally please you no use vaccum for few day. If any pearl is left I not wanting it to be suck by vaccum. She quite worry some pearl is missing. All the time she looking on floor. She saying Sally this pearl necklace is give to me by my grandmother. I not wanting to lose this pearl. I feeling bad she losing this thing. Even I keep on looking on floor.

My grandmother always saying pearl is like tear drop. She saying that why girl not wear pearl necklace on her wedding. she not even put pearl on her dress. Because then she crying lot of tears in her marriage. I thinking pearl so beautiful thing. For me it like rain drop not tear drop. In Philippine they think rain so lucky. If it rain on wedding day it lucky for marriage.

See how life is. Same thing you can see two different way. Same thing you can see in sad way and happy way. If you see pearl as tear drop it bad for marriage. If you see pearl as raindrop it lucky for marriage. Pearl can be tear or rain. Tear not lucky. Raindrop lucky. 

I then thinking now how this pearl is come from sea. I know there lot of pearl farm in Philippine. Even near Davao there was big pearl farm. but now it big hotel. My father when he alive is tell me how pearl is made. He say the sand and dirt is going inside the shell and make it angry. When shell get angry it protect itself by making pearl.

From sand and dirt you getting pearl. From bad thing a beautiful thing is growing inside. Because shell getting upset. Nature is make it protect itself by giving it something so beautiful. Maybe my grandmother is right and pearl is like tear drop. Maybe shell is crying when it upset and that why it making a pearl from its tear drop.

Some people also are same. On outside they having hard shell. They having no choice. They having to protect themself. Sometime even with hard shell some bad thing like sand is upset them. The person sometimes to protect themself is also become bad like the sand.

But some person is protect himself by seeing same thing in happy way. by not seeing sand as way to be upset but as way to make a change. This person smiling even when life get hard and tear drop is coming. That is how he makes the unlucky tear drop turn into a pearl. And then for him the pearl become a lucky rain drop.

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kozmogirl said...

I have just found your blog today and find it incredibly moving. I applaud you for your honesty and bravery. I am an American who will be visiting the UAE soon and find your blog very interesting. Regardless of what people think such as "this is not really a maid, but someone else writing" it does not matter. It is a very real reality for many people. Ignore the "Anonymous" posters who say negative things. Truth is they are too coward, or jealous that you are able to express your feelings. Keep up the good work!!

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