Apr 9, 2015

one direction

These days it was so dusty. So much dust storm you cannot see anything. I dont like dust storm. I am already writing so many times about how I dont like them. The dust all gets in your nose your mouth your hair. Full house has layer of dust on everything. So much extra work for me to clean. Anyway I already tell you all that so I tell you what my story is today.

Few days ago Sara is going to see one direction concert. She is so excited. All the time she talk about Harry this harry that. Liam this Liam that. Even I am getting excited because Sara is going. Maam is going for concert but she is only going because she has to take Sara and her friends. She say I cannot stand this group I wish I was not going for this concert. Sara get so mad at maam she say Mom you can just drop us and pick us up. Maam say nonsense I am not letting you go to concert by yourself. Full time they are fighting like this. 

Anyway this concert is most exciting thing for Sara and all the girls in Dubai. And all newspaper is talking about it. Then I read something else funny in paper. That the concert is almost get cancel because of dust storm. The plane is on runway for 18 hour because the dust storm is so bad. I am laughing when I read this. I tell you why.

In dust storm you are not able to see anything. It is like you are losing your sense of direction. Even one direction has no direction in a dust storm. When I tell maam this she laugh and say Sally one direction has no direction all the time. Sara again get mad at maam when she say this. Maam is just laughing. 

I think maam is doing all this on purpose to make Sara mad. These days both Sara and maam have only one direction. Make each other mad.


Ash said...

Just stumbled on your blog yesterday and have gone through all the archives in one sitting because they were SO GOOD!
You are so talented! Please keep writing more often :) xxx

dubaisally said...

Thank you Ash. I enjoy writing it and I hope you will continue to read

Aud said...

This was really funny and witty. Love your blog, keep writing! :D

Aiden Smith said...

Sand storm was the only reason to get the entire concert cancel?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sally,

I only recently discovered your blog while I was Googling for Slow Cookers in Dubai and I came across your post about your ma'am's new slow cooker. It's funny how all I wanted to do was find the perfect slow cooker, instead, I tumbled across a maid's blog who has - in an inexplicable manner - inspired me to help many women like you and children in the Phillipines. I literally have three tabs open on my Internet Browser so I can research how to help underprivileged children in the Phillipines.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sally what a good read.... I really dont believe youre an Indian spat as I saw on youtube. can you just confirm if you are a Filipina or an Indian? Thanks - Jen

sunny said...

that is really funny hiiii

Fatimah said...

Too bad this blog is fiction. It would have been nice to read true stuff.

sunny said...

Really fiction daim it funny fiction is a bad joke

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