Home again

I am not writing for so many months. I have no choice. I am going back to my home country. Maam and Sir is having to leave Dubai. They go to London for sirs job. Project for 6 month. Children also going with them. I tell you everything but not today. It is too how you say emotional for me. One day I am here in Dubai next day in Davao. Really it happen like that. They tell me Sally we so sorry this opportunity too good. They say you go to your home and when we come back to Dubai we are calling you. Maam say Sally you can be transfer to some other house in Dubai if you want or you can go home for some time and we call you when we are coming back to Dubai.

How I am suppose to live without my salary I asking them. 6 month is long time. Maam say she give me salary for 3 month for notice. She say Sally that is more than fair. you free to get other job if you want Sally I cannot lock you up. But I hope you wait for me to come back.

I am thinking suppose I find a bad sir and maam. Suppose it take me 6 month to find new contract. suppose I only get contract in saudi or some place where I have to wear uniform or hijab. I will have to go to agency again. I remember that days and I think this. Better I come back to this maam when she is calling me. Maybe she call me to London also. I am hoping but that call not come. 

then suddenly in December she call me and say Sally come back we are coming back. Just like that. It is like Christmas present for me. So she do my visa and I am back. 

Children have become so big. I not see them for so many months. Sara is like big teenager girl. She is doing hair all the time. Flick like this. Flick like that. Eye mascara also. She angry all the time because she have boyfriend in London. All the time she is on her mobile. Rayan is also become big. He is ten year old now. He not give me hug when he see me just shake the hand. I feel so sad. It is like I become stranger for him.

When we come back to house it is so dusty. Maam tell me Sally we have to clean everything and make it fit to live. She and sir are living in hotel with children. I have to live in dusty house and clean it up in 5 days and make it ready for them. But I dont mind.

I went home but now I feel I am home again.