Sara is very fast runner. She like to run. Even when it is so hot she is going for practice run. On saturday sometimes she go to al barsha park for running. Even I like to do jogging. But for me it is because I am little bit fat. It is running for fat not fun.

Anyway today I  am thinking about the word run. Some people like Sara run for fun. Some people like me run for fat. Maybe you run away from something. Or you run to something. or for something. Like prime minister or president. When Rayan is doing lot of potty maam say he have run. when Saras sock is tearing she say it have a run. when maam is not well she say I am run down. or if I ask for off day on some other day she will say I dont know Sally I have to run it by sir.

So many use for one word. As usual I tell maam. She say Sally that is all good. But now run along and do your housework. She is so boring sometime she dont want to think and she dont want me also to think. But I am always thinking about thing like this. If you know any more meaning please run it by me. see how I use it again?

Anyway in my last story I write that I will tell you about my romance with Richie. I go back to Philippines. Richie is coming to meet me at my house. He is bringing my son. our son. And he is bringing me flower. He tell me that he miss me. He cry that it is always me that he want. No one else. Not Elise. You remember he was doing affair with her? He tell me he is so sorry.

And he also say this. Because he is doing affair with Elise he realise how much he love me. Because he knows no one love him like I love him. I feel angry about Elise but what I can say? We were not together when he do affair so it not like he cheat on me. I tell him I need to think for few days before I decide what I will do. But I know I will take him back. Because of my son. Because he need a mother and a father.

My friends all tell me he is really change. No drinking. No smoking. Only working. He is doing painting job. He is looking after my son. He is waiting for me. So I get engage. to my sons father. To my love. I am happy. but I am also sad. Because I have to leave him and come back to Dubai.

But now it is funny. I miss Richie but sometimes I even forget I am engage. My life is change but in Dubai nothing has change. I am still sally. housemaid for my maam. Doing all the work. My son is still far away. Richie is far away. And I do not know what he is doing.

Yesterday I am reading in paper that there is this housemaid. Like me but from indonesia. She is going to jail for one month. When I tell you why you will be shock. Her husband is in Indonesia. He is telling her on phone that he want to leave her. do divorce. She is so upset she say she cannot live without him. She is getting depress. She want to die so she take 25 panadol. she try to do suicide. Her maam is taking her to hospital. After that she is going to jail. She go to jail for being depress.

I am thinking that this girls situation is same like me. She is here. Her husband is in Indonesia. I am here. Richie is in Philippines. I do not know what he is doing. If Richie do like this separation or leave me me maybe even I will feel like I want to die. Maybe even I will want to run away from my life.

I hope I can run back home soon. 


Nezz said...

...we do feel the urge to run away when things get tough and when we are torn apart like our heart getting "broken"....but, as a mother, whatever we wish to do, we must first of all think what is in the best interest of our commit suicide because a man has decided to abandon us is so lame--- there would be millions of men out there but if we die or lose ourselves for such "bastards" will surely break our kids' hearts. I admire your Sally for putting up a blog like this; I have read only a few of your writings and I already got inspired...I would read more and I am a fan now. keep it up!

dubaisally said...

thank you

Nel Fabia said...

You got me with the 25 Panadols, that was hilarious! I enjoy your blog very much and I visit it from time to time.

Anyway, I would want to apply to be your critic. In the Philippines, relationships are clearly labeled, if one says "I am engaged", it means he had formally proposed to marry her and will be married after a few months, if this is not the case, one may call it Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Partners or Lovers even if there are children involved or are living together. There is no "Divorce" in the Philippines only Annulment of Marriage so we don't use that word. If a marriage did not happen whether in church or court one may call it break-up or split-up.

Sorry Sally I can't help it. I hope you allow me.

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