look hot feel cool

Dubai is very hot in summer. It is so hot that you are feeling like you are sitting inside oven. It is so hot that the orange construction man is not allow to work for few hour in the afternoon. But still he has to work for the rest of the day.

Few week ago I am reading something in paper. I tell you what it is. They have got some special jacket from Japan that is having AC inside the jacket. So the person who is wearing the jacket is like having mobile AC. First I think this jacket is for the orange construction man and I feel so happy that finally they are doing something good for these worker. Then I am reading this. 

The jacket is not for the orange man. It is for inspector who is going to shop to inspect the shop. This inspector is sitting in AC car or taxi or bus and going to the shop. He is not standing in hot sun full day and doing work like the orange man. But the orange man is not getting the cool AC jacket.

I am thinking of this story because yesterday Sara is wearing shorts and tank top. Maam tell her Sara you are now teenager you cannot go to mall dress like this. Especially just now during Ramadan the mall is become very strict. They are giving notice to people who are not follow dress rules.

Sara say mom these shorts look so cool. And it is so hot. let me wear it. Sara think she look cool but maam think she look hot. That is the problem. Maam say Sara if you want to go to mall you better change. Now Sara is get angry with maam. She say this rule of clothes is stupid. I dont like it. Maam say like or not Sara you better follow or you will be in trouble. Sara have no choice. She change her clothes.

And that is why I think of this orange man and the AC jacket. Sara feels she is cool when she looks hot. And the orange man needs to feel cool when he is so hot. He needs to feel cool with the AC jacket in the hot sun.

I hope they bring AC jacket for the orange man.

After I write this story I read in paper that they are already giving cooling hat to some of the orange man. This hat is having two fans that is helping the orange man to feel cool. This is good. but I still hope they get AC jacket for them soon.