fake watch

Some days ago I am reading something that make me think. There is this lady who is doing divorce for her husband because he is giving her fake watch for dowry. I explain. In Dubai there is custom that man is paying dowry for marrying a woman. Like he is buying the girl. I think maybe in before times they are paying camel or something to the father. Now they are paying money. or maybe watch or car. There is even competition in men who is giving more money. Who is paying more for his wife.

Anyway this lady is getting some expensive designer watch in her dowry. But it is stop working and when she is taking for repair they tell her watch is fake. She is getting so angry with husband she is divorcing him.

This man is giving his wife a watch that is worth less than a real designer watch. And he is also getting a wife that is worth less. So actually he got what he paid for. First I think it serve him right. He is like doing cheating on his wife by giving her something fake.

But then I think this. If the fake watch is still working then they will still be married. Fake watch break means fake marriage break. If he is giving her a real watch he is never seeing who his real wife is.

With a real watch he will still be married to his wife. but he will always have to watch out. Because all their time together is fake.


Kiwi Shawarmas said...

I found your blog site by chance, and love reading your interesting anecdotes and stories. You are such a gifted writer! And I agree people here place too much importance on branded goods, entertaining read!


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the fake. Says the fake maid blogger.

Justina deans said...

i hate bloody fake people :(
be natural and be cool in every field of life
thanks for share !!!
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san max said...

well mashallah u have great wisdom i like the way u think nice

Anonymous said...

I like the way you see things and write things Sally!
You should write a book. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Amsterdam xxx

Anonymous said...

What an amazing post! I just happened to come across this blog and I have to tell you that you are doing an amazing job. Your posts are refreshing and insightful. Cheers!

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