report card

Childrens school is closing. They are getting report card. Both children get A or A+ in all subject. Maam is so happy she say children we go out to celebrate. And yesterday I am reading in paper that Sheikh Mohammed is phoning to inform top students in Dubai about their result. Imagine the phone is ringing and it is the Sheikh saying congratulation you have all A+ on your report card. It is something you can never forget.

Anyway two week back maam is deciding to do furniture moving. She say Sally you come help me we are moving this sofa. I think we are just pulling it but maam say no Sally we have to lift it because the sofa is scratching the floor. Maam is lifting one side. I am lifting other side. It is not very heavy and we are moving it.

After one day my back is paining me. I tell maam I am lifting sofa and now back is paining. Maam say Sally what you are talking about? She say Sally look at me I have so bad back and my back is ok. How your back can pain with lifting one sofa? Take panadol. You know maam love to say take panadol. Headache take panadol. Backache take panadol. Tooth pain take panadol.

So I take panadol. But it is not better. I tell maam I take panadol but back is still hurting. Maam say ok Sally you put salonpas on it. So I put salonpas on it. Maam is not doctor but she like to give medicine like a doctor. Because she is not wanting to take me to doctor.

But salonpas is also not helping. I am telling Vicky. She say I do massage for you. So in afternoon when children and maam is going out Vicky is doing my massage. It is better but it is still paining. 

Next two days I am not able to do vacum. I tell maam. She say Sally it better I take you for doctor. We go to doctor and he give me medicine. The medicine is make me feeling very sleepy. I tell maam medicine is making me sleepy. Maam say Sally what you want me to say? If medicine make you sleepy then you go lie down. Maybe you have to rest little bit.

I tell maam that I go rest and I will not go for day off on Friday. Maam say Sally just go rest we worry about that later. I am resting full day in my room. Next day I feel better but still little bit sleepy. But it is ok. I can do my work. But maam tell me Sally when your back hurt you please go lie down. Then she say it is ok Sally if you rest for two or three days. I not cut your day off for this.

I know I am lucky because maam is treat me well. Maybe she wait few days before doctor but at least she take me to doctor. And she buy for me medicine. And let me take two rest day and my day off in one week. She is usually good employer so I am lucky.

Few week back there is this story in paper. About how Dubai police is doing like this education for people about how to keep maid so she do not run away. Some things they are saying is this. Treat maid well. Pay maid on time. Do not let maid sleep in room outside house. If you leave maid alone she may do magic so do not leave her alone. Do all this so maid is happy and does not run away.

All this education is good. But I want to tell you what I am thinking. If the maid runs away and she breaks her contract she is deport and ban. Even if maid runs away because the employer is bad. The bad employer does not get ban. The bad employer will get another maid and his life is normal. but the maid if she runs away from the bad employer is finish. khalas.

So all this education on how to tread maid is good but it is of no use if there is no report card for the bad employer. This month my maams report card is A+


Few days back maam is taking me to Ibn Batuta mall. I am going there before one time but mostly I go to MOE or Dubai Mall. This Ibn Batuta mall is very interesting mall I tell you why. There is this man called Ibn Batuta. He is like explorer. He is living many years ago and he is going to many countries like china india egypt. He is writing about all this country in his book. That is how we know about him. 

All the country that he is going to is there in this Ibn Batuta mall. So there is like a china part of mall. india part of mall. It is good they are doing this because I am not knowing who this man is before I am going to this mall. Children are also not knowing this. But now everyone in Dubai knows who Ibn Batuta is.

I am telling this to Lilibeth when I talk to her on mobile. I miss Lilibeth because she is not living in next door house because my maam is moving to her new house. Anyway Lilibeth tell me something very interesting. She say that this man Ibn Batuta is even talking about a princess from my home country. He write that he is meeting princess Urduja. We all know about princess Urduja from Pangasinan. There is even a cartoon movie called Urduja that I am seeing one time. This is why I love talking to Lilibeth. She is always giving me connection with my home.

Anyway after I talk to Lilibeth about princess I am seeing so many stories about princess in the paper. It is like the princesses are all doing something important this week. Maybe all these princesses are doing good thing every day and I am only realise it now.

Like there is this princess in Saudi. Princess Ameerah. She says that woman is not having any rights in Saudi because men are scared. She want more woman is able to go to work if they want to. Then I am reading about this princess Aysha from Kuwait who is leaving her palace and going to Saudi to be close to Prophet. She is giving up all her riches for her belief. Both these princesses is very good person who is doing good things. That is why their story is in paper.

And remember when we are all seeing the wedding of princess Kate and prince William? I am reading this week that princess Kate is having important duty to name a ship. The ship is called Royal Princess. And when I think there is no more princess story maam tell me that there is new fairy tale princess like snow white and cinderella. a new disney princess. This princess is Princess Sofia. These princesses are famous so everything they do is coming in paper.

And then I am reading one more story about a princess. There is this building in Dubai. It is called Princess Tower. It is in Marina part of Dubai. It has some world record. the tallest residence building in the world or something. Dubai is always having some record like this. Tallest building. Fastest lift. Tallest hotel. tallest twisted building.

Anyway the reason why I am seeing this Princess Tower in the paper is because all the lifts is stop working. Imagine. If you are living on 100 floor you have to climb up and down 100 floors. I am happy I am not living in the Princess Tower. 

When I think of Princess Tower I think of that story Rapunzel. You all know the story. The witch is locking the princess inside the tower and there is no stairs or no lift. So the witch have to climb the tower on the hair of the princess. I am thinking this is so crazy story. who is writing this story? How anyone can climb up the tower on someones hair I do not know. The hair of the princess will break before the witch can reach the top.

Anyway what I am thinking about these princesses is this. Some people are on top of tower because they are famous. Like Kate and Sofia. Princess Ameerah and Aysha are on top of the tower because they are so good people.

The people in Princess Tower are there because they have lot of money. But they learn important lesson. To reach your home at the top you have to climb many stairs. Sometimes there is shortcut. like lift. or hair ha ha. But that can break. And you will have to climb up again.

You can have all the money in the world. but you still have to climb up to live at the top of the tower.

fake watch

Some days ago I am reading something that make me think. There is this lady who is doing divorce for her husband because he is giving her fake watch for dowry. I explain. In Dubai there is custom that man is paying dowry for marrying a woman. Like he is buying the girl. I think maybe in before times they are paying camel or something to the father. Now they are paying money. or maybe watch or car. There is even competition in men who is giving more money. Who is paying more for his wife.

Anyway this lady is getting some expensive designer watch in her dowry. But it is stop working and when she is taking for repair they tell her watch is fake. She is getting so angry with husband she is divorcing him.

This man is giving his wife a watch that is worth less than a real designer watch. And he is also getting a wife that is worth less. So actually he got what he paid for. First I think it serve him right. He is like doing cheating on his wife by giving her something fake.

But then I think this. If the fake watch is still working then they will still be married. Fake watch break means fake marriage break. If he is giving her a real watch he is never seeing who his real wife is.

With a real watch he will still be married to his wife. but he will always have to watch out. Because all their time together is fake.