mountain climb

Few days back I am reading in paper that this girl from saudi is climbing everest. It is big thing for this girl because you know how they are in saudi for woman. They are not allow to do anything. But some of them are trying to make change to that. Like this girl who is climbing the mountain. Or that saudi girl who is doing judo in olympics. Or the girl who is going to jai for driving a car. Only one of them is climbing Mount Everest. But all of them are climbing very big mountain to make change.

Anyway I am thinking of this girl climbing mount everest and then I am thinking of this mountain in my home country. It is called Mount Mayon. It is volcano. Few days back I am reading in internet that  it is erupting. For only one minute or something. but it is killing some people. So scary. Imagine you have this dream to climb a mountain. One minute you are alive and so happy because your dream is coming true. Next minute there is a volcano and your dreams are gone forever.

This volcano is called Mayon but we also call it Bulkang Magayon. Because of the story we hear when we are small. The story is that there is this beautiful princess. Daragang Magayon. She is falling in love with this boy. But he is not like a prince. Like romeo and juliet  story there is a big fight. Both lovers are dying. Where they are burying the princess a big mountain is growing. This is Mount Mayon. When the mountain is erupting they say she is crying for her lover.

Anyway I was talking about the saudi girl who is climbing the mountain. My grandmother always tell me this. She say mountain have two side. One is sunny side. one is dark side. If you are stuck on the dark side you have to climb up the mountain so you can reach the sunny side. My grandmother always tell me thing like this when I am having difficulty in my life. Like she say Sally without rain how can there be a rainbow?

But today I am thinking this. What happens when you reach the top of this mountain? Your dream is come true. You are so happy. Everything is sunny. You have reached the top. You have climbed up from the dark side. After that only two thing can happen. you can go down this mountain or you can stay on top of this mountain.

If you go down hope you can always stay on the sunny side. hope you do not go back down into the dark side of this mountain. And if you can stay on top of this mountain hope there is no volcano. that takes away your dream. in one minute.