traffic jam

Few days back I am going with maam to jumera and there is so much traffic on the road. Maam is getting so frustrated with driving. She tell me Sally this traffic jam is just so much I wish it would clear. I am not able to drive like this. all the traffic is coming back to dubai. 

I am asking maam what she is meaning for this. Maam tell me Sally few year back when all the job is going from Dubai all the traffic is also going with the job. Now the job is all coming back so many more people coming to Dubai. so all the traffic is also coming back. That make sense to me. 

But full time I am thinking of this word traffic jam. Why they call it traffic jam and not traffic bread or traffic butter? Maybe because jam is so sticky and you are stuck in traffic? I dont know so if you know you tell me.

Because of traffic jam maam is getting late for picking up children. Sara is having no problem. She is doing chatting with all her friends at school. It is like she is not even realise that her mother is not there. But Rayan is so upset. He say mummy I wait and wait for you and you are not coming. Maam is saying so sorry Rayan this traffic is very bad today and my car is not moving. Rayan say mummy if traffic so bad and car is not moving why you are not taking taxi? I am laughing because he is not understanding that even taxi is getting stuck in the traffic jam. He is not understanding that in a traffic jam there is no where to go.

Today I am writing my blog after many days because I am so busy. I am thinking it is like my blog is stuck in traffic jam. The traffic jam is in my head. I have so many things I have to do that my blog is getting stuck. I am so busy that all my idea for my blog is stuck inside my head and cannot come out on the computer. I wish I dont have so much work so I can write more. My life is stuck in this traffic jam of work so it cannot move anywhere.

I wish that my road become clear so that my journey cannot be slowed down by this traffic jam.