stranger danger

Few days back I am seeing this picture in the paper. It is remind me of what maam always telling Sara and Rayan. Maam always saying stranger danger. She always tell them do not go with anyone who is stranger. She is even giving them password to remember. So if someone come and say your mother is calling you come in my car then they can ask the person what is the password. 

Sara is saying mummy I am not stupid girl. of course I am not going with stranger. And she say Mummy I can always phone you and ask. She is correct. But sometime she leave her mobile at home. Then how will she phone? Maam is getting so angry with Sara when she is not taking phone. She say Sara why I have got this phone for you if you leave it at home. Then she is taking away her phone for punishment. Then Sara does not have her phone again. Sometimes I am not understanding the punishment that maam is giving to Sara.

Anyway before I forget I tell you what I am seeing in paper. It is this picture of prince of Abu Dhabi. He is seeing a girl sitting outside her school and tell her he will drop her home. The girl say no because he is stranger. The girl is knowing he is the prince but still she is saying no. because even if he is prince he is still stranger to her. I think this is very sweet story. The prince is so kind. The girl is so smart. Everyone is happy. This story of a stranger has a happy ending.

For me when I come to Dubai everyone is a stranger. Except my cousin Luena. Everybody I am talking to is a stranger. If there is a stranger danger I do not know before I take the job. Then I come into a strangers house. I live in a strangers house. I eat in a strangers house. I sleep in a strangers house. I look after a strangers children. I hope the stranger becomes my family. 

And it is same for the maam and sir. She is taking stranger in her house. She is letting stranger sleep in her house. Eat in her house. live in her house. look after her children. She is teaching her child about stranger danger. But she is letting stranger come inside her life.

And not all storys of strangers have a happy ending. 


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. You have a really good story telling style and a different point of view.

Anonymous said...

Good posting dubaisally!I liked your thoughts and specially the way you've written it :)

MEE SHA said...

you should learn how to monetize your blog. if you do that, you will never have to work for someone else at someone else house for the rest of your life. ping me if u need help with the site!

Anonymous said...

Sally I know you will read this and probably Delete it, but you need to see this.

I know that there are three possibilities of who you are.

1. a real filipina maid.
2. Not a real filipina maid.

If you are number 2. I commend your work. I truly hope you are really doing this to make filipina maids lives in Dubai better. I am from the UK and used to work in a premier childrens establishment in Dubai. I had the utmost respect from all the clients there (mainly because i was British), however many of them did not have mine. The elite of Dubai, or even the more wealthy are the most shallow people I have come across. They truly do believe the maids are 'ghosts' as you put it and really do take them for granted. Some of the people who were clients of mine had no idea that their children actually loved the maid more than their own mothers. Sally if you are real, I would like to help you somehow on your journey, we can meet in a public place and you can log into your blog in front of me to prove your identity. Perhaps a Starbucks with wifi. I'm fed up of people judging Filipinos, they are probably the smartest and hard working bunch of people in Dubai. If you are not real, I would like to meet you anyway as I believe more can be done to help the cause of workers her in the middle-east. Perhaps we can find the real Sally's and help them one by one.

Reply below and I will give you my contact details to arrange a meeting.

Ben Upson said...

I believe the person claiming to be sally. The Lady with an Indian accent on the youtube show 'the stream' is a Fraud.

I know the Philippine culture too well and this had to be written by a Filipino.

If not, then the writer has a lot of experience with Filipinos.

I also worked a huge amount with Filipino nannys and maids in my old job.

Sally if you are real, I have nothing but admiration for you. This blog is amazing.

If you are a fraud, then I think you have done so remarkably well and I would like to discuss your motives further.

This blog indeed helps to create awareness, but we all know that is not enough. People need to do more than just feel bad for girls like sally. Action needs to be taken.

If you would like to take this blog to the next step, contact me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, I nominated you for a Liebster Award for blogging - see details here:

dubaisally said...

Lot of comments. I will try to reply to all.

Thanks so much Mrs Dubai. This is the second time you have given me an award. I have been very busy but I will try to answer all your questions soon. I promise.

Mee Sha- I do not want to make money from this blog. It is just done to inform people about the life of a house maid. But thank you for the offer.

Ben Upson- I am sorry I am not able to meet or contact anyone in person. Thank you for your comment. The blog is written to inform people about the life of a house maid. I hope you continue to read it. And the person in the Stream interview two years ago is me.

Ashraf Monzer said...

I just stumbled upon this blog, sounds very interesting and personal, I love it.

About the stranger danger issue, I don't believe any stranger can be a direct threat for us, he/she could be our new mates, friends, wives, husbands....

But each have their vintage point.

Ben Upson said...

Give me a call if you want some further education or help with your work. I worked with Filipina nannys for a long time in Dubai. I was working at Kidville as the Music lead. My whole band was Filipino and I used to talk with them and sit and speak with the nannys.

Your work is very accurate with the cultural references you have. The stories are also captivating.

I work in events now in Dubai and not in entertainment any more. However I have been looking for something for a long term project in the form of a film. I have a lot of resources in the UK, Dubai and especially the Philippines to take further action and create something that will bring Sally to life and shine a light far and wide. Again.. contact me if you are interested. I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway, with or without you. You have a great mind, let it get greater :)

dubaisally said...

Ben please contact me via my facebook page. Thank you for your interest

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