Maya is a bird in my home country. It is a small bird and when I am growing up my father tell me that it is national bird of my home country. Now the eagle is the national bird. Poor maya is now the forgotten bird.

Last month I am learning new meaning of the word Maya. Many years ago there are some people called maya who are saying that the world is ending on 21 dec. They have a calender and this calender is saying this. Lot of people are talking about this maya calendar. Even in the paper they are putting story about world is ending.

In this new house I have many new friends. One of them is Sita. She is from India. She say that in her home country the word maya is meaning something that is not real. Like a dream. Like a ilusyon. illusion. I am one time seeing this movie called Ilusyon what you see is not what you get. It is about this man who is pretend to be someone else to impress girl. I am now thinking of this movie

Sara is having a friend. Her name is also Maya. I ask her what her name is meaning. She tell me it means mother in one language and water in other language. Maam is hearing all this. She is asking me why I am asking.

I tell her maam Maya mean so many thing. I explain all the meaning. Maam say Sally I am surprised that you think so much.  I tell her maam maybe you have maya that I do not think. Maam say Sally go do your work. But she is smiling.

21 Dec is coming and going and the world is not ending. The year is ending but the world is not ending. I am happy it is not ending because if it ends I will never see my son again in this world.

So many meanings for one word. Maya is no more the national bird in my country. But the maya birds life is not ending. Maya calendar says the world is ending. But the world is not ending. Maya mean mother. And mothers love is never ending.

Maya means water. This is the most important for life.  Few days back I am reading in paper that so much water is wasting that one day we have no water in UAE. They say it is like crisis. Even I am everyday wasting so much water. I have to do change in my life also. Because no water means no life. Maybe the maya people know that the water in this world is ending one day? If water ends the maya bird will end. the world will end. everything will end. Even never ending mothers love.

Maya means illusion. I am thinking that it is biggest illusion that water will not end. I think we all have to  remove this illusion. remove this maya. Otherwise what the maya people say will be true. The world will be ending. 


Anonymous said...

Nice 1.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, kakadiscover ko palang ng Blog mo last week at halos nabasa ko na lahat ng blog mo from 2010 up to date. Very true, touching and interesting ang mga entry mo keep it up! I am convinced that you are Filipino upon reading your blog. May mga comments about your real identity, any chance on clarifying it? or maybe a full tagalog entry will do? Siguro naman maniniwala na silang Filipino ka.

Sara said...

Names have different meanings in different languages. Mayans have got nothing to do with Maya.

Anonymous said...

Impressive!! I find your blog very interesting, and somewhat funny... I can see a true Filipina-ish on it.. Keep it up...


Bella said...

To Sara who posted above. You are incorrect. The Mayans are also referred to as Maya. If you are too lazy to verify your facts, here is the wiki link for your reference. I don't know why some people are so quick to criticize and put down somebody else. This is a clever and witty blog. Stop trying to find fault for the sake of it.

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