stranger danger

Few days back I am seeing this picture in the paper. It is remind me of what maam always telling Sara and Rayan. Maam always saying stranger danger. She always tell them do not go with anyone who is stranger. She is even giving them password to remember. So if someone come and say your mother is calling you come in my car then they can ask the person what is the password. 

Sara is saying mummy I am not stupid girl. of course I am not going with stranger. And she say Mummy I can always phone you and ask. She is correct. But sometime she leave her mobile at home. Then how will she phone? Maam is getting so angry with Sara when she is not taking phone. She say Sara why I have got this phone for you if you leave it at home. Then she is taking away her phone for punishment. Then Sara does not have her phone again. Sometimes I am not understanding the punishment that maam is giving to Sara.

Anyway before I forget I tell you what I am seeing in paper. It is this picture of prince of Abu Dhabi. He is seeing a girl sitting outside her school and tell her he will drop her home. The girl say no because he is stranger. The girl is knowing he is the prince but still she is saying no. because even if he is prince he is still stranger to her. I think this is very sweet story. The prince is so kind. The girl is so smart. Everyone is happy. This story of a stranger has a happy ending.

For me when I come to Dubai everyone is a stranger. Except my cousin Luena. Everybody I am talking to is a stranger. If there is a stranger danger I do not know before I take the job. Then I come into a strangers house. I live in a strangers house. I eat in a strangers house. I sleep in a strangers house. I look after a strangers children. I hope the stranger becomes my family. 

And it is same for the maam and sir. She is taking stranger in her house. She is letting stranger sleep in her house. Eat in her house. live in her house. look after her children. She is teaching her child about stranger danger. But she is letting stranger come inside her life.

And not all storys of strangers have a happy ending. 


Maya is a bird in my home country. It is a small bird and when I am growing up my father tell me that it is national bird of my home country. Now the eagle is the national bird. Poor maya is now the forgotten bird.

Last month I am learning new meaning of the word Maya. Many years ago there are some people called maya who are saying that the world is ending on 21 dec. They have a calender and this calender is saying this. Lot of people are talking about this maya calendar. Even in the paper they are putting story about world is ending.

In this new house I have many new friends. One of them is Sita. She is from India. She say that in her home country the word maya is meaning something that is not real. Like a dream. Like a ilusyon. illusion. I am one time seeing this movie called Ilusyon what you see is not what you get. It is about this man who is pretend to be someone else to impress girl. I am now thinking of this movie

Sara is having a friend. Her name is also Maya. I ask her what her name is meaning. She tell me it means mother in one language and water in other language. Maam is hearing all this. She is asking me why I am asking.

I tell her maam Maya mean so many thing. I explain all the meaning. Maam say Sally I am surprised that you think so much.  I tell her maam maybe you have maya that I do not think. Maam say Sally go do your work. But she is smiling.

21 Dec is coming and going and the world is not ending. The year is ending but the world is not ending. I am happy it is not ending because if it ends I will never see my son again in this world.

So many meanings for one word. Maya is no more the national bird in my country. But the maya birds life is not ending. Maya calendar says the world is ending. But the world is not ending. Maya mean mother. And mothers love is never ending.

Maya means water. This is the most important for life.  Few days back I am reading in paper that so much water is wasting that one day we have no water in UAE. They say it is like crisis. Even I am everyday wasting so much water. I have to do change in my life also. Because no water means no life. Maybe the maya people know that the water in this world is ending one day? If water ends the maya bird will end. the world will end. everything will end. Even never ending mothers love.

Maya means illusion. I am thinking that it is biggest illusion that water will not end. I think we all have to  remove this illusion. remove this maya. Otherwise what the maya people say will be true. The world will be ending. 

remove comment

Lot of people leave comment on my blog. I love seeing the comment. But since few months I am getting a lot of rubbish comment. Like someone will say go fishing in dubai. or go on dhow cruise. It is having nothing to do with my blog story. It is all nonsense. So now I am checking every comment before I am letting it come on my blog. If it is rubbish comment then I am removing it. 

But few days ago someone is leaving comment that is really disturbing me. It say Sally I want to f you. I dont even want to write the f word on my blog. I tell you why it is disturbing me. Because lot of people think that because I am a housemaid they can do anything with me. Because people think I am a maid I can be used however they are wanting. Like a toy for them.

There is something called stats on my blogspot when I am login. In that I can see something called search keyword. I remember Lilibeth tell me that search keyword is what people are using to find my blog. I like to see that sometimes. It is interesting. Usually it is like filipina maid. or Dubai maid. or dubai maid blog. or filipina maid blog. or just dubaisally. But some people are looking for filipina maid sex. or filipina dubai massage. or filipina maid and that f word. or filipina call girl dubai. or something like that. It is making me angry. It may not make you angry but it is making me upset that people think all filipina maid is only good for things like this. They are not good people these people who are looking for things like this.

There is a story last month in paper about this employer who is accuse his filipina maid of molesting the employers 8 year old son. The maid is deny the story. If this is true story then this maid needs to go to jail for ever. If it is true. I really really hope it is not true. 

But we will never know the true story. Because this is happening in her employers house we will never know who is telling true story. If it is true it is so sad. Because this maid if she is doing this thing is so bad person. And because people will only remember this story. And think all filipina maid is doing bad thing. If it is not true then it just show you how much power employer is having on the life of a house maid.

People think that just because we are housemaids we are the property of the employer. This is because once we go into employers house no one is knowing what is happening to maid. The maid is at mercy of employer. If he is good then her life is good. If the employer is bad then her life is bad. If he accuse her of stealing then she is ban. even if she is not stealing. If he accuse her of doing sex with gardener then usually no one is believing the maid. because the employer is having more power. It is because the maid is on employers visa and he is having full power on her. I know some maids are doing bad things but not all maids are bad. And lot of maams and sirs are good but not all maams and sirs are good. But we never know the true story of what is happen inside the house. 

There is another story in National newspaper that is making me angry. It say Dubai maid is treat with affection. I am very happy for this maid. but why this story is in the paper? Why this story is so important story? Maybe because all maid story is not having a happy end like this one. In the same paper on same page is a story about two maids who are treated like slave.

So today I am protesting all these comments. I am protesting people thinking that maid is their toy to play with. I am protesting maid who do bad things that make people think all maid is bad. I am protesting the power that employer have on the maid. I am protesting that not all maid is treated with affection. 

I wish I can remove all these bad things like I am removing the bad comments on my blog.