Real big dream

Sara is obsess these days with Bella and Edward. From twilight. Full time she is watching first movie of twilight. I also like to watch movie with her if I am free from my work. She is waiting to see the latest Twilight movie. Sara say to me Sally Edward is soooo handsome. His skin is sooooo glowy. I dont tell Sara that I am finding the glowy skin very funny. If I say that to Sara she is getting mad. Because she is full time dreaming of Edward.

I have a new friend in this new house. She is living same street as me. Her name is Vicky. Short for Victoria. She tell me Sally my name is Victoria. Queen Victoria. But you can call me Vicky. She is just coming back from Manila from her vacation. She tell me this new movie that is coming out in Philippines. Tiktik. It is like filipino twilight. Instead of vampire it is about this monster tiktik. 

When we are small we are always scared of this tiktik and now they are making movie about it. I tell you why we are scared. The tiktik like to eat babies who are in the stomach of pregnant mother. I dont want to see this movie because when I think of this I want to vomit. It is so scary.

I miss Lilibeth but Vicky is funny. Full time she is reading tsismis magazine. She is bring back magazine from Manila. Also all these pocket book and she is giving me also. She say Sally I love Dingdong Dantes. He is the actor in this movie Tiktik. She tell me Sally you see one day Dingdong will be my husband. I am laughing. I tell her Vicky how that can be? you are living inside your dream. She tell me Sally you see my dream will come true one day.

Vicky have full information on Dingdong. She show me his picture in this ad in magazine. For Belo Men. To keep his skin fair and white. She take his picture and give it kiss. She say Sally he is mine you will see. I am Queen Victoria and he is my King. We will live happily ever after in a big palace. She say Sally you will not laugh at me when my dream comes true.

I know I say before that I have big dreams also. but this kind of big dream is stupid. Vicky will never meet Dingdong. They can be together only in their dreams. This kind of big dream can never come true. Because it is not possible for it to become real.

My big dreams are real. That I can marry. That I can live with my son. That I can have my own house in my home country. That I can become little bit famous by my blog. That my son will have a good life. All my dreams can come true some day. with my own hard work. 

Big dreams can become real dreams but you have to do hard work to make them come true. Otherwise they are like that big palace of Queen Vicky and King Dingdong. A big palace in the sky.

New house

Did you miss me? I have not been able to write for one month. I tell you why. Maam and sir is moving their house. We are now having one more floor in the house. And more bedroom and bathroom. And swimming pool. I dont know why maam is wanting to move. She is full time behind sir to move. She say I want bigger house I want bigger house I wish I have bigger house. Finally her wish is coming true.

One day she come tell me Sally we are moving. I am getting so scared. I think she is leaving Dubai. Maam say dont worry Sally you are coming with us. We are going to bigger house. your room will also be bigger.

Then she say Sally we have to pack everything in this house. So full time when I finish my work of cooking and cleaning I am doing packing. Like I am packing full kitchen. It is so difficult to do packing of kitchen. Maam giving me paper and she making me wrap every glass and cup in paper. Then put it in a box. Then close the box. Then write on the box. I tell maam why I have to do this when new house is only 5 min distance from this house? I tell her I put everything in laundry basket and maam can drive car. I keep laundry basket on my lap. Maam say Sally you know how many trip we will have to make with the laundry basket like that? 

She say Sally if Sir company is moving us then they pay for someone to pack. but because we have to pay ourself for this move we have to do the packing. Why she say we I dont know. What she is meaning is I Sally have to do all the packing.

Every day in the evening Sir is taking few box to the new house. Then one day the big truck is coming and we are moving everything else. I am happy this house is not that much far from old house. So I still meet my friends but I am so sad because my Lilibeth is not next door to my house. But still. If we were going far like to jumerah or bur dubai or something I would die. 

My new room is nice. It is little bit bigger than my old room. Maam is buying for me bigger cupboard to put my things. Now when I open the door of my room I am not banging into the bed. Bathroom is also nice. In old house the shower is above the potty so everytime I am doing bath the whole potty is getting full wet. In this house there is different part for shower and potty. 

After we are moving there is no internet for so many days. Du is coming to do tv computer and phone connection but it taking so many days. Maam is not having problem she is reading everything and doing her facebook and email on her iphone. But me I cannot do my blog until Du is finish their work.

Maam has bigger house and lot of plan to do many parties. She say Sally we have lot of pool side party. Lot of party mean lot of work for me. Maam will tell me Sally 12 guest is coming what you will cook? Then she will act like she has made everything. Just because it is her recipe. but I am doing the work. But I cannot say anything.

Bigger house. bigger bathroom. More floors. More rooms. More parties. More work for me.