Fine for life

Last week I am reading the most sad thing in the paper. There is this maid. She is from Ethiopia. Like me she is coming to this country for job. But her maam is not paying her salary for many month. She is trying to do suicide. She is standing in middle of road and hoping that car will kill her.

Such a sad story. But it is not the end of this story. When the police are finding her in the middle of the road they are giving her fine of 1000 dirham. I do not understand how this is going to help her situation. She is not getting salary how she will pay 1000 dirham. She will only want to do suicide again. And why they are not making her employer pay fine for not paying her salary?

Then there is another same story. Again Ethiopian maid. She is only 18. She is trying to kill herself by hanging from tree. Her family in Ehiopia is sending her to dubai for work but she is not wanting to be maid. This girl is wanting to end this life as maid by ending her life. She is also fined 1000 dirham. Imagine this 18 year old girl who wants to end her life. 1000 dirham is like maybe more than her one month salary. If she has to pay this fine she will not be able to send this salary to her family. The same family who is sending her for work when she does not want to come.

How can a fine help these girls? Suicide means that the person is so sad that she wants to end her life. They need help. Not a fine. Making them pay fine will not make their life fine. 


MJ Tenchavez said...

its an eye opening write ups! very nice Ate Sally..

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and I must say that I love it. You are so brave and warm hearted and honest and the world needs more people like you.

Dominika Elzbieta said...

sally .... do you know of any maid being in a horrible situation like the ones you describe?

I found your blog while looking to find a maid.
I think it is horrible how some women are being treated and I would love to give them a much better place of work.
We are looking to find somebody that will manage our household and provide a beautiful living space as well as an appropriate salary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally I thought your blog was good and entertaining.
I like your blogs but be nice to your madam. Don't be jealous of her or don't think you have too much work- because you have a nice madam.

tess codo said...

Hi Sally. I am also from the Philippines. I just came across your blog and find it very amusing. I always wanted to write blogs but didn't have the courage to do so since I think my English really sucks and I have difficulty putting my thoughts together. But you, you are brave enough to do it and I applaud you for that. With regards to your post, it's a sad reality of life for us belonging to a third-world country. We need to go to another country for greener pasture and unfortunately, some of us were being treated badly. We are poorly discriminated against.I used to work in the KSA and have also experienced discrimination from other nationalities. I am not a maid and I earned my degree. But some people would not see that and would see you as how they see the ethnicity that you belong. It's a sad reality and we cannot do anything about that and discrimination existed even before and will continue to exist until the world ends. Let's just put everything in God's hand and hope for the better.
Keep on writing and strive to be better. Who knows you'll be famous one day! =)

Anonymous said...

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