Fine for life

Last week I am reading the most sad thing in the paper. There is this maid. She is from Ethiopia. Like me she is coming to this country for job. But her maam is not paying her salary for many month. She is trying to do suicide. She is standing in middle of road and hoping that car will kill her.

Such a sad story. But it is not the end of this story. When the police are finding her in the middle of the road they are giving her fine of 1000 dirham. I do not understand how this is going to help her situation. She is not getting salary how she will pay 1000 dirham. She will only want to do suicide again. And why they are not making her employer pay fine for not paying her salary?

Then there is another same story. Again Ethiopian maid. She is only 18. She is trying to kill herself by hanging from tree. Her family in Ehiopia is sending her to dubai for work but she is not wanting to be maid. This girl is wanting to end this life as maid by ending her life. She is also fined 1000 dirham. Imagine this 18 year old girl who wants to end her life. 1000 dirham is like maybe more than her one month salary. If she has to pay this fine she will not be able to send this salary to her family. The same family who is sending her for work when she does not want to come.

How can a fine help these girls? Suicide means that the person is so sad that she wants to end her life. They need help. Not a fine. Making them pay fine will not make their life fine. 


Today maam is showing me two dress. She say Sally which one look better on me? Pink one or red one? I am not wanting to make maam angry so I tell her both looking good on you. Maam get irritated with me. She say Sally I am asking for your opinion. saying both is not helpful to me. say red is good or pink is bad. dont say both is good. Then she say Sally you must always have opinion. It not always have to be correct opinion but having opinion show that you are thinking of things.

Now you tell me what I say to this? I am not showing her my opinion because I think both dress look bad on maam. How I can tell her the truth? Both dress is too baby for maam. but she is so happy with them I am not wanting to upset her with my opinion. Maam make me so angry sometime. She is not knowing that I have opinion about so many thing she say or do. that I not tell her because she will not like if I tell her truth. 

Anyway I have decide that today I am going to give my opinion on many different thing I am reading in paper. Some story is new. some story is old. I will tell you the story and I will tell you if it is good or bad. my opinion.

The first story is making me laugh so much. I am reading it maybe one month ago. It is about the man with the monkey in his underpant. It is a real monkey that he is trying to smuggle into dubai. This monkey is so small like maybe 7 or 8 inch. It is illegal to have this monkey and it is very expensive. The man is trying to make money by selling his monkey. He is arrested at airport. My opinion is this. It is so funny story but also so sad. Monkey needs to be in a tree. Eating banana. Not in a underpant. I wish the monkey is biting him inside his underpant. Only that will teach him never to put his monkey where it does not belong.

I am reading another story about smuggling. Not monkey but people. They are finding 8 people in a box who are trying to come inside uae without correct paper. How they are fitting 8 people inside a box? It must be a very big box. I want this box for my balikbayan box. My opinion on this story is this.  If you try to fit so many different people in one box the ending will be bad. Even if it is a big box.

Also there was story about this sweeper who is trying to smuggle drug to people in the jail. Now he will be in the jail also. My opinion is this. How stupid is this man that he is doing such a bad thing inside a jail. He has no sense. Smuggling drugs is bad but doing it inside a jail is stupid. I think the sweeper needs to sweep his brain.

Then I am reading another story about smuggling. Police are catching three people for trying to smuggle drugs from dubai to thailand. inside small fridges. My opinion is this. It is better to have an empty fridge than to do smuggling of drugs.

Few days back I am reading that some man is arrest for smuggling drugs inside a laptop. When I read this I am thinking maybe the laptop is having virus and the man think that putting drug inside it will cure the virus. I know you think I am stupid for saying this. I am making joke. Smuggling drugs in a laptop will not cure the virus in your computer. Or in your brain.

See I have so many opinions. Smuggling monkeys in pants is bad. Smuggling drugs in laptops or fridges is bad. Smuggling people in boxes is bad. Smuggling drugs inside jail is bad. So many different stories. But same opinion. Bad.

Maam say she is wanting my opinion. Both her dresses are bad. But I better not tell her. That is also my opinion.