big dream

These days maam and Sara is watching X factor on TV. Even I am watching with them. Last year also we are watching. This year it is not good like last year. I am missing Nicole. you know Nicole? she was a judge last year. She is a pussycat doll. You remember that song dont you think your girlfriend is hot like me? She sings that song. I like that song. We are so proud of her in philippines because she is half filipina. Really. Her father is filipino. Anyway this year she is not there on X factor. Instead they have this girl who is 19 year old. Demi. I think she is not Demi she is dummy. Full time she is saying oh you are so cute oh you are so cute. But she is famous so she is replace Nicole on X factor. even if she have nothing good to say.

Sara tell maam that she want to go on X factor. Maam just laugh and say Sara it is ok to have big dream. Sara say it is not dream I make it come true. She say one day I will be famous and you will be the mother of the famous Sara. Maam is smiling. 

Sara really love music. She is full time listening to music. She say she does not like justin beeber but when his song is coming on radio she is singing loudly. If I was your boyfriend. As long as you lu u u u u uve me. So maam say she is getting ticket for his concert. Even if sara does not like him she want to go for the concert. It is in May. Next year. Maam is buying ticket now. For May 2013. In September 2012. That is how famous Justin Beeber is.

Today I am remembering that my blog birthday was on September 23. My blog is 2 years old. Demi is 19 years old and she is famous. Justin is 18 years old and he is famous. Maybe one day even I will be famous. It is ok to have big dream.


Grace F said...

Sometimes dreaming too big makes you have unrealistic expectations and then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.There is not a Cinderella happy ending for every body. I don't want to be mean. I just think you need to know what your place is and know that you will probably remain in that place for the rest of your life. You are a maid and you will most likely remain a maid. It is better if you accept that than have wild dreams.

Alexis said...

Grace F that is a load of crap and you know it. You say you don't want to be mean but your comments are quite mean. "You are a maid and will remain a maid" what kind of condescending pseudo-elitist bullshit is that? Sounds like you are bitter, maybe you had dreams that you never saw come to life.
Sally is already quite famous, so it looks like she is already making her dream a reality. Good luck Sally. Don't listen to people like Grace F. Dream on and dream big. When you write a book I will be the first in line to buy it.

Emmanuelle Rose said...

I came across this blog by accident and I must say, I am both amused and bemused.
Just keep on dreaming Sally! I have a friend who was a maid here in Dubai. She saved up for herself and she attended this short course of drafting from her savings of 3 years! I can only imagine how much was left of her salary less her remittance to her family. Now, she's been my Cad Operator for 2 years and I must say, she's really good.
Alexis, that was nice of you to back up on Sally, I say, don't let people like Grace F pull you down. You've got a nice blog going on here, very funny, light and your stories, they are unexpected! God Speed to you!

AcousticChef said...

Sally is not really a maid but an expat wife enjoying life in Dubai. See the disclaimer below and notice the level of humour?

But all good! This blog cracks me. She writes very entertaining blog with all the intentional errors.

Dubai Sally is all about fun and laughter so... let's all chill...

Stay awesome!

Anonymous said...

You mean Justin Bieber*

Anonymous said...

Sally! I just found your blog, and i love it! I love reading about your life, because you are such a genuine, nice human being :) I hope you can get all of the things you dream about, i really really do! Please keep posting blog entries :)

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