big dream

These days maam and Sara is watching X factor on TV. Even I am watching with them. Last year also we are watching. This year it is not good like last year. I am missing Nicole. you know Nicole? she was a judge last year. She is a pussycat doll. You remember that song dont you think your girlfriend is hot like me? She sings that song. I like that song. We are so proud of her in philippines because she is half filipina. Really. Her father is filipino. Anyway this year she is not there on X factor. Instead they have this girl who is 19 year old. Demi. I think she is not Demi she is dummy. Full time she is saying oh you are so cute oh you are so cute. But she is famous so she is replace Nicole on X factor. even if she have nothing good to say.

Sara tell maam that she want to go on X factor. Maam just laugh and say Sara it is ok to have big dream. Sara say it is not dream I make it come true. She say one day I will be famous and you will be the mother of the famous Sara. Maam is smiling. 

Sara really love music. She is full time listening to music. She say she does not like justin beeber but when his song is coming on radio she is singing loudly. If I was your boyfriend. As long as you lu u u u u uve me. So maam say she is getting ticket for his concert. Even if sara does not like him she want to go for the concert. It is in May. Next year. Maam is buying ticket now. For May 2013. In September 2012. That is how famous Justin Beeber is.

Today I am remembering that my blog birthday was on September 23. My blog is 2 years old. Demi is 19 years old and she is famous. Justin is 18 years old and he is famous. Maybe one day even I will be famous. It is ok to have big dream.

ghost story

My friend Alma tell me there is ghost in her maams house. Why she say this I tell you. When she get up in morning sometimes everything is moving. Like if she is putting one chair in bed room then when she get up that chair is in kitchen. Or the picture frame will be on floor. Not like it is fallen from wall but like someone is taken it and put it on the floor. But most scary is this story. Every day the dog is going near the sofa and barking at the sofa. There is no one sitting but he is barking like someone is sitting on the sofa. And Alma also tell me that the baby in the house is talking to someone but no one know who he is talking to.

When Alma tell me all this story I am not able to sleep. When I am sleeping in the room I am seeing this dog barking at maams sofa. Suppose Almas ghost is coming to my house? I am so scared. For two or three days I am not able to sleep.

Last night I am having so scary dream. I am dreaming of tiyanak. If you are from Philippines you know what this is. It is this scary thing that look like a baby and cry like baby. If someone hear the baby cry they go to help the baby. Then the baby become the tiyanak and it attack the person. And you never see the person again.

Today I am waking up with headache. I tell maam my dream. Maam tell me Sally stop all this nonsense. There is no thing like ghost. When person die he die. gone. forever. How maam is knowing this I do not know. My grandmother say that if person is sad when he die then he cannot go forever. He have to finish his work. That is why he become ghost.

Maam tell me Sally focus your work. Then maam laugh. She say Sally if you are so sure there is ghost  tell your ghost to do your work. Maam sometime make me angry when she make fun of me like this.

But then I am thinking this. Maybe maam say some sense. Housemaid have to do all the house work but no one see her and see how much work she is doing. She live in the house but no one care what she think. It is like she is invisible. or like she have to be invisible. like a ghost.

Maam say tell ghost to do my work. I think housemaid is like a ghost doing the work. Why maam tell me this? Now I am really scared of Almas ghost.