will power

Ramadan is going on here in Dubai. Means all Muslim people have to do fasting. Means you cannot eat in public place. Even if you are not Muslim. Really. If you eat in public you can get fined. One time I am going to mall in Ramadan and I am forgetting to spit my chewing gum. Mall security is tell me to spit out otherwise I get fine. I am so scared I am quickly spitting it. But it is better over here in Dubai. In Saudi if they catch you eating in public you are deported. Really. Thats what I am reading in paper.

During Ramadan time a lot of restaurant is closed in the day. Or if they are open the restaurant have black curtain. So you cannot see a person eating. Children are allowed to eat but I think now Sara is not allowed because she is become big girl. You cannot eat in public because if you eat the person who is fasting will also want to eat. And they are not able to eat. So it is not fair for them if you eat in front of them. That is why the rule is like this.

Lot of office places are closing at 3 in the afternoon. Maam is not like to drive at this time. She tell Sir also not to drive at this time. But even in the evening it is not safe for driving. It is not safe until it is time for the iftar. That is when they do break the fast and can eat. Maam say Sally people are so hungry they are rushing to go home to break the fast. It is better not to drive at this time.

I tell her maam if I have not eaten full day even I will be running home to eat. Maam smile and say Sally you will never be in that situation because you cannot go full day without eating. I do not know if maam is making fun of me or she is angry with me because I like to eat.

Few years ago maam is going to Egypt during Ramadan. She tell me this story yesterday. It is so hot. The guide man who is taking them to see everything is fasting. And maam and children and sir do not know that he is fasting. In Egypt they are not having this rule of not eating in public. I am not knowing this. I think everywhere the rule is same but maam say no Sally in Egypt you can eat and drink in public. So maam and sir and children are eating and drinking in front of this man. It is so hot that they are full day drinking water. Rayan is saying more water more water. Maam and Sara are saying more water. Sir is buying more water. And full day this man is fasting. Only at the end of the day he tell maam that he is fasting. 

Maam say she is feeling so bad for him but she cannot change the day. She is not knowing he is fasting or she would not keep saying it is so hot she is so thirsty. She say that this man is passing the biggest test of his faith. He was able to fast even when he sees other people eating and drinking. Even when he hears other people say how hot it is and how thirsty they are feeling. Because he was able to give up his thirst and hunger but not give up. Maam then say this man has so much will power because he has such strong faith.

I have become little fat after coming to work here. I wish I could also do little bit fasting. like dieting. but I am not strong like this guide man. When I see food I have to eat it. I feel so hungry when I see someone else eating food. If I am hot I have to drink water. Maam say Sally it is all about will power. If you have will power to do something you can do it. Then she say something that make me angry. She say Sally when it comes to food you have no will power.

How she can say this I am not knowing. She has never had to give anything up. How can she tell me about will power? Maam does not know anything about my life. After my father is leaving my family we are so poor. We are just happy if we are getting food to eat. I have to have will power because I have to give my brothers and sisters the food from my plate. I have to have will power because I have to leave my family to become ofw. so I can earn more money. So my family does not need will power to give the food on their plate to someone else. Maam does not understand. I have to have will power because I have no other power to help my family.

All these people who are fasting also have so much will power. Their faith will power them for their fast. and their life. Ramadan Kareem.

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