working again

After I write my last story the computer is again not working. Even my computer angel Lilibeth is not able to fix it. So I have no choice but to wait for sir or maam to come. They are coming back few days back. 

When sir is seeing computer is not coming on he is telling maam to call someone to fix it. Maam is not calling any one. She is fixing herself. That is why I think she is doing something like block it so I am not able to use it when she is gone. But anyway computer is working again. so Sir is happy. And I am happy.

I tell maam that her friend or cousin is not coming when she is going. Maam say Sally it not your worry if they do not come. She say she will drop thing to their house. That make me so irritated. Because full time when maam is gone I am waiting inside the house. And no one is coming. I know maam is lying to me because she is not wanting me to go outside and have fun.

Now they are all back and there is so much laundry. Like they have not wash laundry for so many days while they are going. Not only laundry. There is so much other work also to do. Cooking and cleaning and all. When maam is going I am not doing cleaning everyday because no one is using anything it is all clean.

Only when there was big dust storm and rain storm I am having to do full clean of porch. That is the day my friends  are coming for dinner. Remember I am telling you last time? Everything outside is big mess so we are having to eat inside the house. I am so scared that maams cousin will come but now I know that was a big fat lie.

I have lot of work but it is ok. I am not bored any more. My vacation is over. Children are back. Maam is back. Sir is back. My computer is back. Working again. Like me.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not working with my family! you are sooo demanding and it is not even ur right! her laptop is hers and she is free not to give it to u! and u did not doa nything while they were away it is ok if you bare extra work for few days (in a logical way of course) but this is the thing with all philippino maids very greedyyyy!

Wendy said...

To Anonymous,

Yes, you are right. It is a good thing Sally is not working for your family. She would be too good for you. What a racist comment, saying that all philippino maids are very greedy! Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

A lot of these maids are over worked and under paid. Yes, she took some time off while her boss was away. Yes, she wants more out of her life. Yes, she has aspirations like the rest of us. How does that make her demanding and greedy? How does that make her different from anyone else?

Most of us expats have moved to Dubai for monetary and financial reasons, does that also make us greedy?

Some people are just so judgmental it makes me mad. And racist on top of it. That's the beauty of this blog. It exposes not just what goes on in this maid's life but also what is going on in the small minds of the readers.

Kudos to the author, whoever you are. Bless you for trying.

Violet said...

Dear anonymous,

Why are you hiding behind the name ''anonymous''?

IF, let's say, FILIPINO MAIDS are GREEDY, then why would they be maids at all?! If they're greedy they won't slave for other people just to help their families back home.

They would STAY HOME under the cool coconut trees, sipping buko juice while lying in a hammock, enjoying the breeze and wait for the carabao to do their job.

racism is ignorance.

Bella said...

Dear Violet,

Anonymous is hiding because he or she is a racist pig. You are so correct. Racism is ignorance.

And btw just for the record, I'm not Filipino myself. I just cannot stand it when people make sweeping generalizations about an entire race .

Violet, Have you read some of the earlier comments made by some readers on this blog? They reek of racism and lack of empathy.

I'm glad Sally, or whoever it is who is writing, continues to write because it really shows the world the mentality of some of the "madams" or "sirs" of this region.


Montz said...

This fictional blog is amazing. I am assuming it is fictional as that's what it says at the bottom! Regardless it's an amazing expose and how tough life is for a lot of hard working people working and cleaning for others in the middle east! it's a tough life and whoever you are or even if this blog is dedicated to all these overseas maids bless u all!

dubaisally said...

Thank you Montz Violet Wendy and Bella. To Anonymous I am sad you think this way. Maybe if you read more of my blog you may change your mind.

Mitzie Mee said...

What a nice blog! It's been really interesting to read about your life as a maid in Dubai. Sounds like it can be tough sometimes? Hope that you'll continue blogging:)

coconut water said...

Saallyyy you are awesome!!!

Peace be everywhere!!

Keep blogging!!!

m said...

Yes some sirs and maams are horrible bosses...but n her blog sally admits to lying and cheating...hmmmm

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