working again

After I write my last story the computer is again not working. Even my computer angel Lilibeth is not able to fix it. So I have no choice but to wait for sir or maam to come. They are coming back few days back. 

When sir is seeing computer is not coming on he is telling maam to call someone to fix it. Maam is not calling any one. She is fixing herself. That is why I think she is doing something like block it so I am not able to use it when she is gone. But anyway computer is working again. so Sir is happy. And I am happy.

I tell maam that her friend or cousin is not coming when she is going. Maam say Sally it not your worry if they do not come. She say she will drop thing to their house. That make me so irritated. Because full time when maam is gone I am waiting inside the house. And no one is coming. I know maam is lying to me because she is not wanting me to go outside and have fun.

Now they are all back and there is so much laundry. Like they have not wash laundry for so many days while they are going. Not only laundry. There is so much other work also to do. Cooking and cleaning and all. When maam is going I am not doing cleaning everyday because no one is using anything it is all clean.

Only when there was big dust storm and rain storm I am having to do full clean of porch. That is the day my friends  are coming for dinner. Remember I am telling you last time? Everything outside is big mess so we are having to eat inside the house. I am so scared that maams cousin will come but now I know that was a big fat lie.

I have lot of work but it is ok. I am not bored any more. My vacation is over. Children are back. Maam is back. Sir is back. My computer is back. Working again. Like me.


Maam is gone for her vacation. I am so bored. She is not locking her room this year so I have the computer. But for few days the computer was not coming on. I am trying everyday and it is not working. I think maybe maam is doing something like lock it so I cannot use it. I feel so frustrated.

Maam is not locking the room or computer like last year. but I cannot write because of this stupid computer problem. Yesterday I am telling Lilibeth. Today she is coming here and doing something with computer. I dont know what she do but now the computer is working again. Lilibeth is an angel. Computer expert angel. Because of her I can write today.

It is so quiet here without children. Full day I watch some tv. Then in the evening Lilibeth and I talk outside the gate. I cannot go to park until maams aunty or cousin or friend is coming. I am so bored. One or two times I go out to do something and if they come and I am not there this is my plan. I will tell maam that I go to Choitram for milk. But I have to be careful not to go to mall or anything. Because if maams friend sees me I am dead.

Maria is also in her house alone but she is still not talking to me. because of the God thing. When she sees me giving water to grass or putting the garbage she is turning away. She turn her head or her body so she cannot see me. She cannot look at me because she knows what I tell her is true.

Why I am giving water to the grass when we have gardener? Because gardener is going for his vacation also. He is leaving one boy to do the work but the boy is stupid. He is making full mess of garden. I know maam will be angry when she come back so I try to do little garden work. It is so hot also so I give the grass more water to drink. Also I have nothing else to do so I put water in the garden. I am so bored.

Lilibeth is bringing me some pocket books for reading because I am so bored. I read. I watch more tv. I do little work. I do garden work. But still I am very bored. Now I can do computer also. But how much time to sit on computer? or tv? or reading? I am actually missing maam and children. I have finish all the washing and ironing. Maybe I will do some cooking and put in freezer.

Tomorrow Lilibeth and Alma and Diana say they will come here and we will all eat dinner at my house. in the garden. Maybe Gina also if she is not going for her vacation with her maam. I have made chicken. Lilibeth and Alma and Diana are also bringing something to eat. If maams friend or cousin is coming my friends can  hide or  go out of house from back side. But I am not doing anything bad I am only eating food with my friends. It is like party but not party. More like family eating together. I hope maam will not shout for that. I am excited about tomorrow.

But today after I write I will watch tv and read my pocket book. I am so bored in my jail. Then I think of all the people who are really in actual jail. Workers who are ban. Or girls who have a baby without being marry.

In my jail I am bored but at least I am free.


Maam is going for vacation tomorrow. She will maybe lock her room and computer like when she is going last year. Maybe not. I do not know what she will do. I will only find out when she is going because she is not telling me before. But today she tell me something that make me angry. 

She say that when she go her one friend will come to pick up some books. And her cousin will come for some dress. And some aunty will come for some sweet she is putting in fridge. I ask her maam when they are all coming? Maam say Sally I am not knowing you just be home and they will come. I tell her maam can you tell them to phone me so I know if they are coming. Maam say Sally they come when they can. They not phone you.

I know why she is doing this. She is making all these people come to the house because she think that I am having party in the house. Or maybe that I am going out or doing some part time work. She is so worry that she is making them check. Like detective or spy. I am not liking this. I will be like a prisoner in jail.

Sometime maam make me so angry when she is not trusting me. Because now I am not doing all that bad thing I was doing before. You remember when I go out from kitchen door and not tell maam? For my friend Abilgails farewell? My friend Susan is putting the picture on facebook and her maam is showing my maam the picture. When maam is finding out she is almost fire me. for going without telling. She say she not trust me and she dont know why she is renew my visa.

After that day I have stopped all this. All this sneak around. Because I know my job here is good and my maam is nice. She does not beat me or call me bitch or anything like that. But still I get upset that she is not trusting me. Because I have stopped all this bad thing. See how she is making her friend and cousin check what I am doing.

I dont want to be in jail at home. I wish I was also going for the vacation. Other maams is taking their maid. To london. or Jordan. One of my friends is even going to america. Even Muscat is better than staying in jail. So many maids are going. I feel like only I have to stay here alone in this house. I feel little bit depress by myself. And now I cannot even go out because I have to wait for these cousin and friend and aunty and uncle. I want to pack my bag and go home I am so depress.

I phone my mama. She say Sally why you so depress. When your maam go you will have no work. It will be a vacation for you. But if you go with your maam then you will have no vacation. You will have no break. You will be doing cooking and cleaning on your vacation. Better you stay in maams house and do vacation. My mother is right. Maam will go for her break. I will have my break. I just hope I dont break my head waiting for the cousin and the aunty and the friend to come to check what I am doing.

Then I think that it better I break my head waiting but I not break maams trust of me again. So I just have to wait in my jail till they come. If they come.