God knows

You remember my friend Maria? She is the one who is all the time thinking about money. We are all thinking lot about money but she is thinking too much. She is always telling me to do part time work in the afternoon when maam is going to school to get children. But today when I tell you how she is make 5000 dirham you will be so shock. I am also shock I am not wanting to write this story. It is like how you say a scandal.

She tell me that her maam is give her this money to convert her religion. So now she is different religion. I am not writing name of any religion because I am not saying anything bad about any religion. All religion is good. I am only talking about Maria and how bad she is thinking. 

When Maria tell me she is changing religion I am shock. I think how you can just change like that? I tell her Maria how you can do this? What your mother and father will say? What she is saying is make me even more shock. She say Sally no one need to know anything. My mother and father not know anything because when I go back to home country I will do my family religion again. I will not keep this new religion but I will still have the 5000 dirham. 

I tell her Maria you have gone mad about money. You think no one know anything but God knows. You cannot sell your religion for money. Religion is not like clothes or shoes that you can keep on changing. If you are converting then you are having to stay in new religion.

She say Sally do not do lecture to me. I do this because I need the money. when I go back to my home country I can do whatever religion I want. It not your business Sally so do not judge me.

I tell her Maria I not judge you. But you will be judged And 5000 dirham or even one million dirham will not help you then. so you better start praying. Because God knows what you are doing. 

Maria say she is never going to talk to me again. Never ever. God knows if she will keep this promise. or if she will change her mind. like she is changing her religion.


Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? That's very judgmental Sally.

Cassie said...

The big deal is that Maria is flip-flopping with her faith. Your relationship with God should not be something you can buy or sell, but should be more of a journey, a spiritual path. It's bad enough she is changing her religion for money (I have no objection at all to religious conversions, as long as the motive is pure, and done for the right reasons, in this case clearly not), but then to openly admit she will go back to her old religion once she leaves Dubai, is not just a big deal, its a huge deal. It shows lack of respect for both religions. Whole heartedly agree with Sally on this one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cassie and Sally..

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody change religions? Why exchange one set of superstitions for another? For money! Religion is all about money anyway.

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