super moon

On Saturday in the sky the moon is so big. Maam is explain me that it is super moon. full moon that is very near the earth. It is looking like a big yellow ball.

Super moon is making me think of this story. Few week back in paper I am reading that there is this man. in Ajman. It is also in UAE. He is so old maybe 65 or 70. He is having 14 or 15 wife. But because only 4 wife is legal he say the other wifes is retire. Really. He say that in paper. Retire.

In paper they write that he is doing honeymoon with his youngest wife. She is 19 year old. And he is doing sex with her 6 times in a day. 6 times. So he can have many children. He is wanting to have 100 children. He is already having 93  children. In the paper they call him super daad. Like super dad but his name is Daad. So super daad. He is not even remembering the name of all his children.  I am thinking that superdaad is the one who need to retire. Not his wifes.

This super moon on Saturday make me think of super daad. On his honeymoon. 6 times in a day. 6 times. Super Daad. Super moon. Super honeymoon.


Tanya said...

You're funny Sally. Thanks for the laugh. My colleague at work wanted to know why I was laughing. She read your post and could not stop laughing either. You should write a book.

oranglidi said...

hahaha. really funny. super daad, supermoon.

Anonymous said...

I returned from dubai one month ago. I like your post with no grammar. I like to be your friend too if you like. by Arthur

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