Mothers Day

Last week it was mothers day. Rayan and Sara wake up early and make breakfast for maam. I help them. They make toast and cheese. Maam is so happy. She say best breakfast ever. They make cards for maam. Maam say best card ever. They buy flowers for maam. Maam say best flowers ever. In the night maam say Sara and Rayan that was the best mothers day ever. Last year she say the same thing. Everyone is happy. 

Even I am mother. No one is wish me for mothers day. I am looking after Sara and Rayan. but I am not their mother. No one is even remembering that I am also a mother. because my child is so far from me. No one buy me flowers or make for me breakfast. No one make for me a card. It is not best mothers day ever for me.

Last month I am reading in paper that there is this lady in Sharjah who is throwing her baby in the garbage chute. Because she is not married. Same story we are reading so many times. Because if you are having baby here without being marry you are going to jail. And deport. The baby is living thanks to God. This lady is become a mother now because she has a baby. But she is a bad mother. Actually I think she is not a mother. Because a mother will not throw away her baby.

I am not a bad mother. I am leaving my child far away. But I am not like this Sharjah lady. I am not throwing my child. I am leaving him with his father. Because I have to work. So I can look after my child. But even if I am far away from him I will always be his mother. Even if I am not there when he sleeps I can help him have his dreams.

Maam say it is the best mothers day ever. It is not best mothers day ever for me. For me the best mothers day ever was the day I become a mother. Happy Mothers day to all mothers in the world.


Anonymous said...

Belated mothers day Wishes Sally !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing all you can for your son. You are a wonderful mother so celebrate motherhood everyday of your life. God bless :)

Anonymous said...

It is still May so I hope not too late to greet you Haapy Mother's Day! I salute you Sally! Goodbless

Anonymous said...

Omg :-) you're not "real" I suspected you weren't in the first time I read your blog , I just started ( I'm in maternity vacation and accidentally came across your site one late night after baby feeding , I was searching online )

I kinda hope you were real but somehow your fiction happens everyday to all house helps working abroad and you became their voice to the world !

Keep up d writing , d world needs your story to inspire, enlighten and gives courage to all women out there !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes she is the one:)
Keep on writing sally, you're the voices to all the housemaids in the world,
and you're the eye opener for the stupid people(employers)around there...
Wish to read more from you blog... Mabuhay ka!!!

Luigi said...


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kenster said...

happy mother's day...funny blog about the maam..

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