Some time back I am reading in paper that there is this man. He is with a filipina girl in lift and he try to rape her. The girl is screaming loudly. He is caught because of camera in lift. I hope that man will go to jail. because there is proof. But over here that is not always what is happening. Even with proof sometime the guilty person is free.

Like this story I am reading in paper last month. There is this maid. She is complaining that her boss is rape her. In the court they are finding that boss is innocent. They give two reason. They say wife is more beautiful than maid. so that is why the boss will have no reason to rape the maid. What stupid reason is this? Then they say maid is so much smaller than boss so thats why it not possible for boss to rape her. Another stupid reason. Two stupid reason they give and the boss is free. In newspaper they write that there is even proof on the underwear of the maid. Still the boss is innocent. So proof is not always meaning anything.

Lilibeth tell me that it is all wasta. If you do not know what wasta is meaning I tell you. It mean that if you are having a friend who is an important person then you having wasta. Because you are able to use your friendship with this important person to get your work done. Maid like me have zero wasta. Because we not knowing anyone important.

Now I remember this other story I am reading in paper. This filipina maid is bringing her friend to Dubai and making her into prostitute. How you can do like this to your friend I am not understanding. She is getting caught. She is using her friendship to get her work done. She is using her friendship to do bad thing. She is using her friendship to make her friend into prostitute. It is good she has no wasta. She will go to jail.

I am thinking using your friendship to do bad thing is not wasta. It is waste. Of a good friend.


Grace said...

I love it. Very clever.

jepoy said...

Wasta! Usong-uso sa mga Arabo. Sa salita natin "backer". Kahit pala sa Dubai may wastah system din? Siya nga pala Sally, huwag mong isipin na "zero wastah" ka..May backer tayo..and ating Panginoong Diyos. Kaya don't worry. As long as tama ang ginagawa mo huwag kang matakot sa "wastah wastah" na yan. ok?

MOre power! Siya nga pala.. Ifefeature ko ang blog mo sa website ko para makita rin ng ating mga kababayang ofw. Pwede mong bisitahin dito: http://pinoyexpatforum.com. Ipapublish ko maya-maya. Inspiring kasi ang mga tulad mo..

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