treasure hunt

Two week back it was easter. Maam is waking up early. She has plastic eggs. Inside each egg she is putting one paper with some clue. Like a treasure hunt. I remember she do this last year also. She is putting eggs in whole house. She put one egg inside fridge. One inside oven. Like that. Maybe 30 eggs. She tell me remember Sally like last year you no tell children that I am hiding this egg. And you dont move any of these eggs. 

When Rayan wake up he seeing one egg outside his room. He is so excited. He say easter bunny is coming easter bunny is coming. He going to wake up his sister. Sara is saying Rayan we have to find all the eggs.  Sara is knowing that the bunny is maam but she not say anything to Rayan.

Then children are looking for egg. They find egg. open egg. read clue which tell them where to find next egg. Open next egg find clue then next egg. Like that. They are so happy when they find the egg. Up stairs. Down stairs. In kitchen. In bathroom. In garage. In backyard. Egg is coming out of everything.

They find last egg. Then they find the prize. Books and games. Children already have so many books and games. but they are still so excited. Because the easter bunny is bringing it. Because they have to do treasure hunt to find it. Same thing if maam just giving them maybe they are not so excited? But now it is like this precious treasure that they are finding. Rayan say look sally look sally what the easter bunny is bring for me. 

I am never hearing of this easter bunny and egg before I come to maam house. I have no special memory of this day from my childhood day. I only know easter is religious day. No bunny. no eggs. no gift. no books. no games. no precious treasure.

Then I am thinking this. For the children the books and games is not really the precious treasure. The real treasure is these special memories. of plastic easter eggs and the easter bunny. Memories of finding plastic eggs in the fridge and bathroom. with clue in the egg. Memories of their childhood. There is no price for this treasure.


Anonymous said...

nice story sally ... i like the way you have been writing blogs ... cheerz

Anonymous said...

This is amazing sally - you should try and be a published author! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sally, Looking for house maid i came accros your blog. This is great, you are really talented person. I will save this page as favorite and keep reading! Good luck hope your stories will always be good:-)

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