dry clean

Maam not like water on floor of bathroom. If even little water is left on floor she tell me Sally why this water? I not like this wet wet bathroom. But it is a bathroom. It have to be wet. She too much particular about water near the potty. or on potty seat. She go mad if I not wipe it dry after I clean the bathroom.

And you know they have that spray pipe near the potty. For cleaning. after doing potty. Always little water is leak from it. Maam say Sally I not like this water I tell you I want dry bathroom. I tell her I am drying it but the spray is leaking. She say Sally no make excuse just dry the bathroom.

But she call repair man to fix this spray. Repair man do something and it work for few days. Then again it start leaking. Again bathroom is wet. Again maam get upset. Again she tell me to dry it. Again I tell her I already do drying but spray is leak. Again she call repair man

One time repair man is coming and he removing full spray. All water is coming out of the wall. He is trying to stop water with his hand he is so stupid. It is good I am there. I am quicky putting main water off. But lot of water is coming out of bathroom and in the room also. It is good maam is not home. I have to do so much mopping. But I make it dry before Maam come home. When she go in room she say why everything is smelling of wet cloth. I dont know how she can smell it.

Remember I tell you how one time when water delivery man come to house and put his finger in water bottle for opening it? Maam get angry and say his hand is dirty why he open water bottle like that. She tell me only I can open water bottle. after I wash my hand or with spoon or something. So now water man is just leave that big water bottle and go. He does not open it and he does not help me put it on dispenser.

So I have to pick up the big bottle of water and put it on dispenser. It is so heavy sometime lot of water fall out. I quickly do mopping because Maam not like if kitchen floor is wet. She say Sally what is this water on the floor. Mop it up Sally I not like this wet wet floor. it is so messy. clean it and make it dry. Dry dry dry. but clean clean clean. I sometime go mad with maam.

Maam does not like wet floor. She does not like wet bathroom. She does not like dry floor that smell of wet cloth. But she want everything to be clean. Dry clean.

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you are very funny and talented :) I came to your blog by incident Im looking for a filipina maid so I hope i will find someone like you.
Keep it up and never stop writing you are a good story teller.

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