Some time back I am reading in paper that there is this man. He is with a filipina girl in lift and he try to rape her. The girl is screaming loudly. He is caught because of camera in lift. I hope that man will go to jail. because there is proof. But over here that is not always what is happening. Even with proof sometime the guilty person is free.

Like this story I am reading in paper last month. There is this maid. She is complaining that her boss is rape her. In the court they are finding that boss is innocent. They give two reason. They say wife is more beautiful than maid. so that is why the boss will have no reason to rape the maid. What stupid reason is this? Then they say maid is so much smaller than boss so thats why it not possible for boss to rape her. Another stupid reason. Two stupid reason they give and the boss is free. In newspaper they write that there is even proof on the underwear of the maid. Still the boss is innocent. So proof is not always meaning anything.

Lilibeth tell me that it is all wasta. If you do not know what wasta is meaning I tell you. It mean that if you are having a friend who is an important person then you having wasta. Because you are able to use your friendship with this important person to get your work done. Maid like me have zero wasta. Because we not knowing anyone important.

Now I remember this other story I am reading in paper. This filipina maid is bringing her friend to Dubai and making her into prostitute. How you can do like this to your friend I am not understanding. She is getting caught. She is using her friendship to get her work done. She is using her friendship to do bad thing. She is using her friendship to make her friend into prostitute. It is good she has no wasta. She will go to jail.

I am thinking using your friendship to do bad thing is not wasta. It is waste. Of a good friend.

greedy pig

Every day before children go to school I make their lunch box. Sandwich. chips. Water. Juice. Yogurt. Fruit. Today Rayan bring back his full lunch box. Maam getting upset. She say Rayan why you not eat anything? Then she tell me Sally what you give him? that he is not eating? I tell her maam I give him chicken sandwich. he always eating chicken sandwich when I give him. so maybe he not eat because he is not hungry today. 

Maam say he is not eating anything for full day how he can not be hungry? give him some food now. I give Rayan some snack and he eat so quick. Like he never see food before.  Maam say look Sally how he is eating. See how hungry he is. I look at Rayan. He is eating like a greedy pig. Maam say Rayan slow down you are eating so fast. you will do vomit then you will have nothing in your stomach again.

I am now thinking of this story I read in paper. There is this man who is stealing full lunch box. Because he has no money to buy food. This man is having to steal lunchbox because he is so very hungry. When you are so very hungry you have to eat. Because you have to fill your stomach. Even if you have to steal food. Even if you have to eat old expire food. 

Like how I read in gulf news that some pinoy grocery store workers are eating expire food from grocery store. so they not have to spend too much salary on buying food. so they can send more money home. This is the sad story what people do when they are hungry and have no money. but they have to fill their stomach.

Now I remember this other story I am reading in paper. Another story about lunch box. But little bit different. There is this filipino man who is using his lunch box to steal gold. He is taking little bit gold from his work place and putting it in his lunch box. When the police is catching him they are finding 30 kilo of gold. Imagine. How much he is stealing. In his lunch. He go to jail. He is not hungry man. He is greedy man. That is why he now have nothing but jail in his life.

Maam is telling Rayan this story one time. about this king. He is so greedy he is wishing that every thing he touch become gold. His table become gold. His chair become gold. Even his potty become gold. He is so happy because he thinks he is the richest man in the world. Then he hugs his daughter and she becomes gold. He realise that he is so rich but he is actually poor. Because even if he has so much gold he has nothing if he has no daughter. He has nothing because he is greedy. 

Hungry is when you have to eat to fill your stomach. Greedy is when you want more more more. It is better to eat to fill your stomach but not be greedy pig. Because the stomach of the greedy pig will be full but his life will be empty.

treasure hunt

Two week back it was easter. Maam is waking up early. She has plastic eggs. Inside each egg she is putting one paper with some clue. Like a treasure hunt. I remember she do this last year also. She is putting eggs in whole house. She put one egg inside fridge. One inside oven. Like that. Maybe 30 eggs. She tell me remember Sally like last year you no tell children that I am hiding this egg. And you dont move any of these eggs. 

When Rayan wake up he seeing one egg outside his room. He is so excited. He say easter bunny is coming easter bunny is coming. He going to wake up his sister. Sara is saying Rayan we have to find all the eggs.  Sara is knowing that the bunny is maam but she not say anything to Rayan.

Then children are looking for egg. They find egg. open egg. read clue which tell them where to find next egg. Open next egg find clue then next egg. Like that. They are so happy when they find the egg. Up stairs. Down stairs. In kitchen. In bathroom. In garage. In backyard. Egg is coming out of everything.

They find last egg. Then they find the prize. Books and games. Children already have so many books and games. but they are still so excited. Because the easter bunny is bringing it. Because they have to do treasure hunt to find it. Same thing if maam just giving them maybe they are not so excited? But now it is like this precious treasure that they are finding. Rayan say look sally look sally what the easter bunny is bring for me. 

I am never hearing of this easter bunny and egg before I come to maam house. I have no special memory of this day from my childhood day. I only know easter is religious day. No bunny. no eggs. no gift. no books. no games. no precious treasure.

Then I am thinking this. For the children the books and games is not really the precious treasure. The real treasure is these special memories. of plastic easter eggs and the easter bunny. Memories of finding plastic eggs in the fridge and bathroom. with clue in the egg. Memories of their childhood. There is no price for this treasure.

dry clean

Maam not like water on floor of bathroom. If even little water is left on floor she tell me Sally why this water? I not like this wet wet bathroom. But it is a bathroom. It have to be wet. She too much particular about water near the potty. or on potty seat. She go mad if I not wipe it dry after I clean the bathroom.

And you know they have that spray pipe near the potty. For cleaning. after doing potty. Always little water is leak from it. Maam say Sally I not like this water I tell you I want dry bathroom. I tell her I am drying it but the spray is leaking. She say Sally no make excuse just dry the bathroom.

But she call repair man to fix this spray. Repair man do something and it work for few days. Then again it start leaking. Again bathroom is wet. Again maam get upset. Again she tell me to dry it. Again I tell her I already do drying but spray is leak. Again she call repair man

One time repair man is coming and he removing full spray. All water is coming out of the wall. He is trying to stop water with his hand he is so stupid. It is good I am there. I am quicky putting main water off. But lot of water is coming out of bathroom and in the room also. It is good maam is not home. I have to do so much mopping. But I make it dry before Maam come home. When she go in room she say why everything is smelling of wet cloth. I dont know how she can smell it.

Remember I tell you how one time when water delivery man come to house and put his finger in water bottle for opening it? Maam get angry and say his hand is dirty why he open water bottle like that. She tell me only I can open water bottle. after I wash my hand or with spoon or something. So now water man is just leave that big water bottle and go. He does not open it and he does not help me put it on dispenser.

So I have to pick up the big bottle of water and put it on dispenser. It is so heavy sometime lot of water fall out. I quickly do mopping because Maam not like if kitchen floor is wet. She say Sally what is this water on the floor. Mop it up Sally I not like this wet wet floor. it is so messy. clean it and make it dry. Dry dry dry. but clean clean clean. I sometime go mad with maam.

Maam does not like wet floor. She does not like wet bathroom. She does not like dry floor that smell of wet cloth. But she want everything to be clean. Dry clean.