closet story

Few week back I am reading in the paper that this sir is finding the maid is doing affair with driver. How he find it out is so funny. He find the driver hiding inside the closet in maid room in the middle of the night. Imagine. I not know who is more shock. The sir or the driver or the maid.

Yesterday I am reading another story in paper. There is this maam. She is thinking that her housemaid is a man. Because the maam is finding only mans underwears in the maids bag. No girls underwears. I am thinking maybe this maid like to wear mans underwear? Maybe the maam is right that the maid is a man but finding mans underwear is not proof.

There is only one way to prove if this underwear maid is man or girl. Not by seeing her underwear. but by seeing what is under the underwear. But there is a problem. This underwear maid is already deport. So now only the underwear maid knows if she is a man.

Full day yesterday I am thinking of this underwear maid. Maybe she like to wear mans clothes. Sometime girls like to dress like man. Sometime man like to dress like girl. I know one boy like that in Philippine. Ben. He is a gay. sometime he like to dress like girl. It is not a bad thing. He is just different than me. but he is not doing anything wrong. 

In Dubai if you are a gay you can go to jail. Some month ago I tell maam about my friend Ben. Maam tell me it better he not come to Dubai. Or if he come to Dubai he better stay inside the closet. I ask her what she mean. She explain me that when a gay is tell the world that he is gay it is called come out of closet. 

These two newspaper story make me think of this sentence of maam. To come out of the closet. I think that next time the driver better stay out of the maids closet. And next time the underwear maid better lock her underwear inside the closet. 


Anonymous said...

Sally I really like your blog and enjoy reading every post. The only thing I do not like is that you don't write regularly. Why don't you post more often? I check your blog everyday and feel disappointed if there is no new post. I need my Sally fix to get my day going.

dubaisally said...

Thank you. I will try to write more.

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