one more day

There are so many days when I feel like I have so much work. like my work is not get over. I feel like if I have maybe 1 or 2 more hours I can do so many more things. Even if I finish my work maybe I can do my blog. Or I can go to park. Sometimes I wish I have extra hours in my day.

Today I am getting a full day of extra hours. Because today is Feb 29. It is like this extra day. One more day between feb and march. 

When I am getting up in the morning it is so foggy outside. Sir is telling maam drive carefully in fog. He say there are mad men on the road in Dubai. who drive fast even when there is fog. Maam say to sir why you not drop children to school today? She say I feeling nervous to drive in this weather. Maam no liking to drive. She take any excuse to make sir drive. Sir also feel worry when maam drive. So today he take children to school.

When they leave the house maam is going driving. in fog. to gym. She say Sally when children are in car I feel nervous. But if I go by myself then it ok. I have little bit extra time today. If I go early maybe the machine in gym is not so busy. 

Every one like extra time. Maam like extra time at gym. I like extra day like today. My one extra day is nearly over. I still have not finish all the thing I want to do. Now I have to wait four more years for this extra day.

Or I can thank God that I am having an extra day. Every day.


Anonymous said...

Well said! We should be thankful for every single day that we are alive.

dubaisally said...

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing , your are fantastic :)

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