love bird

Today is valentines day. I am alone. again. But it is ok. I know there is someone for me. like my friend  Alma. She and her boyfriend are like two love bird. Full time they are texting on phone. Sometime on my Friday holiday I meet them. Full time they are having so much love. They will get marry when they go back to Philippines.

I am thinking today of all the love bird like Alma and her boyfriend. And I wish them all happy valentines day. Rayan is come and tell me Sally you be my valentine today. He give me a chocolate. He is surprise me. I tell him sure Rayan I be your valentine. I try to give him hug but he run away. He is shy.

When Rayan come to me I am thinking of Alma and love and love bird. Then suddenly my mind is get distract. Sometimes my mind is like that. I think of one thing and then I think of something completely different. My mind goes to that game Rayan plays. Angry bird. Opposite of love bird. So funny the game is. And so funny Rayan is. He get so involved in this game. If he is not able to win the game he gets so angry. It is like Rayan has become the angry bird.

Few days back in paper I am reading that now in ski dubai they have got penguins. Really. Imagine in ski dubai there is all fake snow. machine snow. not snow that fall from sky. not natural snow. and this penguin has to live here. I feel sorry for the penguins. They are so far away from their home in this fake snow place. I know how that feeling is. I hope these penguins do not feel homesick like me. I hope we do not become angry birds.

Because I only want to be a love bird. Happy Valentines day



hi sally, i am yvonne from kenya and i love reading your storys. And i am looking for a job in dubai as housemaid, do you know someone looking housemaid in africa? Thanks

Amy said...

Haha only you Sally would compare yourself to a penguin. Too good. But jokes apart, I understand what you are trying to say. The penguins are far away from home and homesick in a fake place, just like a lot of us expats here in Dubai. We are all just like the penguins in Ski Dubai.

Anonymous said...

If it is so fake the place in Dubai ,why u stay !!! Go to your home ....who stop you...expats ,!!!!!!..£££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$¥¥¥¥¥€$€$€€ hehehe poor people so funny :)

Anonymous said...

hey ANONYMOUS! If all of us expats will go back to our home country then Dubai will be nothing, you dont have a manner & you dont even know how to speak a proper english! i feel sad for you because your money cant buy you a "brain".. excuse me but i think you are pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Just a correction. The snow in Ski Dubai is not fake. Its real snow but a man-made one.

Moreover expats come to Dubai to make a living then go back, they are not here to build the country; they just do what they are told. And sooner or later they'll go back to their countries

dubaisally said...

Thank you for your correction about the snow. By fake snow I mean that it does not fall from the sky. It is made by a machine. It is not natural snow. It is not caused by nature. But I understand. I have made the change in my post. Thank you again.

Jane said...

I found your blog through Dubai EW forum. What a unique concept- I wish I'd thought of it! There are so many blogs about Dubai but this one stands out from the rest- because its from the other point of view! A view that we rarely if ever get to hear of.

Who cares if you are filipino or Indian, or if the blog is fictional, the stories are enlightening and funny and interesting. You are a darn good writer, congratulations on your blog my dear. You kept me up last night reading all your back posts.

Keep writing "Sally"- I will be following your blog from now on.

sue said...

I agree with Jane. It does not matter where the blog comes from, what matters is the story it is telling. Good job Sally.

Anonymous said...

You blog makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Good fun read. It is interesting to read some of the more negative comments, they actually tell you a lot about the mentality of people in the region and how they treat their help.

More than anything though, this is a case study in blogging. People talk about a blog having pictures, running contests, being grammatically correct, timed posts, and so many more "rules of successful blogging". This blog does not of that. It breaks all the rules of successful blogging . Yet it has high readership. You "Sally", are taking the reader on a wonderful journey and that is why your blog is so successful. Content content content. Forget about all the other rules of blogging.

Congratulations. PS I do not care if you are not a Filipino maid IRL. You are still a winner. Good luck

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