rainbow and puzzle

Few days back one little baby is coming to our house. She is baby of maams friend. She is so cute. so sweet baby. She is so small but all of us watching this baby. What she is doing I tell you. The sun is shining through the glass and making rainbow on the floor. Baby is trying to pick up rainbow. Everyone is laughing. But baby not laughing. She keep trying to pick it up. Then she making sad face because she is not able to pick up rainbow. She start crying. She go to her mama. Her mama is give her some toy so she get distract from rainbow. Baby is happy again. She forget about rainbow. So simple. For children life is always simple.

Like yesterday. Rayan is playing with puzzle. He make full puzzle but one piece missing. He start crying. He say Sally you put away puzzle so you have the piece. I tell him no Rayan I not having any puzzle piece. but he is like the baby and the rainbow. He start to cry because he not able to finish his puzzle. Now maam say Rayan why you crying? Rayan tell her Sally is lose my puzzle piece. Maam say Sally where it is? Now you tell me what I am suppose to say to this question? I tell her maam maybe it is in another puzzle box. Maam say ok Sally you look for puzzle and Rayan you go play on your DS.

Then for so much time I look in all puzzle boxes. All my work of kitchen is have to wait. I have to find one puzzle piece. Rayan have so many puzzles. I take out one box and count all piece. If number count  is correct then I check other box. But it not so easy. Some box have more piece. Some box have less piece. Some puzzle piece is all mix up. I tell Rayan we have to make all puzzles so that we know what is missing. Rayan is already playing with DS. He say Sally you make all the puzzle I am playing on DS.

That is how children are. Their life is so simple. If children not get something they cry. Then they get something better. And forget they want first thing. When you are child if you cannot have the rainbow your mama give you something else. If you cannot finish the puzzle it is ok. someone else will find the missing piece.

When you grow up there are so many rainbows that you cannot get. There are so many pieces missing from your life puzzle. Maybe sometimes you cry. But that not help you find what you are looking for. Maybe sometimes you get distract by something else. But that not help you find what you are looking for. 

The only way you find it is to never stop looking. For the rainbow. or for the puzzle piece.


Anonymous said...

Loved that... Touches to heart...

Anonymous said...

That's a nice "rainbow" reflection and you're so right!

Anonymous said...

you hit it right Sally! heartwarming.

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