long way home

My grandmother cannot read. But she can tell story. Lots of stories. All of them are in her head. One time she tell me this story about this man who takes more time to reach home when he goes fast. And he takes less time to reach home if he goes slow. How that can be? I tell you. He is taking a big basket of coconuts with him up a big mountain. So when he go fast all the coconuts fall down and he have to pick them up. That is how when he goes slow he reaches home quickly. Because he does not drop the coconuts.

I think of this story yesterday. Maam is going to her friends house for lunch. I tell her maam I want to go to mall which is coming in middle so can you give me car lift to mall? Maam telling me Sally my friend is telling me different way to go. It is like a short cut. I going to try it out. So I not able to drop you to mall. I thinking why she have to try this new way today? Then I think maybe she not going to her friends house and going somewhere else. And she not want to take me. or tell me.

When she come back I ask her how her short cut is. she say Sally I getting so lost I have to  do u turn and come back. and then go usual way. I ask her why she not using her gps. She say Sally gps is useless because road is changing every day. Then she say gps is only good to find way back home if I am very badly lost. 

I feel little bad because why she not drop me to mall if she do u turn and come back home? but I not say anything to her. What the use? If I tell her I still not will not be able to go to mall today. But I tell her maam your short cut is become long cut. Maam laugh and say at least I am reaching my friends house before lunch is over.

For maam short cut is a long cut. For the coconut man the fast way is slow and the slow way is fast. But maybe sometimes in life it is better to take the slow way like the coconut man. or the long way like maam. Because sometimes the slow long way is better than the fast short way. Because in the end you reach your home in the best way. Without help of any gps. With all the coconuts in your basket. 


Cosmo ME said...

Hi Sally,
Hope you're well. Love the blog. We would love to interview you for Cosmopolitan Magazine (anonymously). Please get in touch at features@cosmopolitanme.com /04 444 3377
Team Cosmo

dubaisally said...

Thank you Team Cosmo. I have sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

Shame you are now exposed...Just read the Cosmo.
A lot of people (especially maids) will not feel as connected to your stories anymore...:(
Still - great work! I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you.

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