It is so cold. I am wearing two coats but I am still feeling cold.  Rayan is saying it is so cold maybe it will snow. Maam is laughing and saying no snow Rayan we live in desert. In the morning when I wake up I have to wear so many thing before I go out to get paper. I wear my socks. My coats. My scarf. Then I run out and get paper. Then I have to come in and take socks off. Take scarf off. Take coat off. Then when I go out to hang clothes again same thing. I not like this cold.

One time in my Oman sir house it is cold like this. My Oman maam is buying heater for her room. For childrens room. For dining room. For all room but not for me. I tell her maam my room is so cold in night. But she not give me heater. She not even give me blanket. she only say Sally if you cold you wear coat. In the night I am so cold I have no choice. I am taking the heater of the dining room in my room. Then in morning I put it back before my Oman maam wake up. Like that I do for 2 or 3 night.

But only for few nights because one time when I am putting back the heater my Oman sir is seeing me. He say Sally what you are doing? You stealing heater and put it in your room? If you do again I cut your salary. After that I dont take heater again. I think it is better if I am cold. At least I get my salary.

Yesterday maam give me warm blanket for sleeping. She say Sally you keep warm. I know in Philippines it not get this cold so you not use to it. 

Two days back my maam cut my heart out because she not appreciate my work. But when she give me this warm blanket she make my heart warm again.


Kajal said...

your newest follower here. Have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please go my site to see the rules and your name there. You can find me at

Anonymous said...

you, sally rock!

Anonymous said...

Cuute i like ur New 'maam'

Anonymous said...

I like U Sally. I feel for U... I always treated my maids with big respect and if U make me laught with your stories, your situations make me sad as well. Keep going...have faith...God is great, remember.

dubaisally said...

Thank you all for your comments. Also thank you to Kajal for reading the blog and the award. Last year Mrs Dubai gave me the same Versatile Blog Award.

I know I am suppose to give this award to 15 more bloggers. But I only want to give it to 2 more. I dont have too much time to read. But I really like these two blogs so I try to read them when I have time.

1. Mrs Dubai. This is my favourite blog. I wish I could write like her.
2. Sandier pastures. I love to read about Grace and her two sweet children.

Thank you again for the award.

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