coffee morning

Today morning some ladies is coming to our house for coffee morning. Why they call it coffee morning I not understand. All of them drinking tea or juice. They should call it tea or juice morning. Maam is tell me that they have to plan school party. But full time they talk about other thing. Full time they laughing so loudly. It not look like they do work for school party. It look like they are having party.

After they go home maam tell me that was good coffee morning Sally. We get so much work done. I know how much work they do. But I not say anything to her. Then she say ok Sally now you have to help me.

She give me lot of red and pink paper and heart shape. She say Sally I want you to cut out 100 red heart and 100 pink heart. It is for valentine party at school next month. Now I know. All coffee morning work is come to me. That is how they get so much work done.

Full morning I am cutting red and pink hearts. My hand is hurting I am doing so much cutting. Maam go out and come back. Still I am cutting. Finally it is over. When I give her the hearts maam only say Sally put it in a zip bag. She not even say thank you for doing my work. 

In the evening maam is talking on phone to her friend. She is telling her that all the heart is cut. But maam not say that Sally has cut all the heart. She act like she is the one who spend full morning to cut the heart. I feel so bad. 

Maam not cut out even one paper heart. But I feel like she cut my heart out.


RIJ said...

hi sally,

Dont worry u will be appreciated one day or the other.


Kajal said...

your newest follower here. Have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please go my site to see the rules and your name there. You can find me at


Luna said...

Miss Sally,i just got to know your blog,i found it cause i was thinking of finding a job in Dubai,but this Maam is a bitch :(

Kasey said...

So? you go behind your employer's back, a person who is only guilty of giving you a job, you use her computer to complain about her and I am guessing (as a former maid employer) that you use plenty of other things behind her back. Your jealousy is quite viscious and as it is nothing to do with her what you do and say with your friends, it is so for you, whatever she is doing or saying in the privacy of HER home with HER friends is nothing to do with you, tearing out your heart, PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a message for kasey. What a mean arse you are! Your comment to Sally fully reflects the animal in you. It is because of low iq individuals like yourself that the world is not functioning right. Tell you something chimp. Sally is the bright one here!

corporate training in dubai said...

definitely she will understand your heart soon!

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