I am back

I have not written for so many days. Because I go for vacation. To my home. When my maam is renew my contract I am not going for my vacation. Maam is tell me that I can do my vacation at christmas. when she go for her vacation. 

Then in october she say Sally we are not going for vacation at christmas this year. It so expensive we are staying in Dubai. We will do big christmas lunch. She say Sally you go your vacation little early and come back before christmas.  So you can help me with christmas lunch.

Maam tell me to go one month. But I tell her maam I only want to go 15 or 20 days because if I stay more days it more difficult when I come back. More days mean more homesick when I come back. I just want to see my family. but I not want to get use to being there with them. Because then I will not want to leave.

I explain better. Going home is so good. And it is so bad. Good because I see my family. my son. Richie. Bad because I have to leave them and come back. When you stay far away in Dubai for so many year you get use to not seeing your family. You become how you say tough? Then you go back for vacation and when you return it like you have to start again. All the homesick and memory and crying. 

I go and now I come back. I am back but my heart and my mind is still in Philippines.


Yellow Bells said...

i would suggest you have stayed longer kabayan, im suire richie is longing so much for a motherly care and love, i don't mean to make you cry but all ofws i guess becomes tough after years of trying to exist in a world hardly not theirs

Cosmo-polite said...

Welcome back sally. I just started to to be worried about you..... :-)

RIJ said...

Everyday morning one of the things i do early mornining when i reach the office is open your blog ...
was anxiously waiting for u to blog and was disappointed when i dont c it..
glad your back but sad tat u stayd very short period in ur home town with ur family n friends.

cheer up and continue blogging


Anonymous said...

hehehe did you realy work with arab family !!!!are you sure !!!christmas lunch>>>your are big lying

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 8.57am. She has never said she works for an arab family. Where did you get that from? She probably works for an expat family. That would explain the relative freedom she has, in comparison to what she would have had if she were working for a local family. JMHO.

MrsMoshi said...

Hi. Stumbled into ur blog. Read ur entire blog, couldn't get enough of it. I think ur an amazing, interesting and wonderful woman. Yes, you have made mistakes and you have had your slightly 'off' days, but haven't we all? We are only human. Your words are compelling, insightful and touching. You should think of publishing your blog into a memoir someday. You'd think, who would want to read it? Well, you got me to read it, I bet there are many others who would enjoy reading it as well. Looking forward to your future posts. :)

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