Yesterday I am waking up in morning and there is thunder. And rain. You all know how much I like my lucky rain. But I am not liking thunder. My grandmother tell me that when it thunder God is angry. Rayan is also not liking thunder. Lot of children is not like thunder.

One time when I am at my before sir house there is rain and thunder. in middle of night. the girl J is coming in my room. She is 4 year old. She tell me Sally I am scare. I sleep in your room. I quickly get out of my bed. I give her hug. I tell her it only thunder J you no worry. But I getting worry. Not because of thunder. Because I know my before maam get so angry that J come to my room. I know she get angry if J sleep in my bed. I tell J that she have to go in her bed. Now she start crying more. I am worry my before maam will get disturb. So I go in her room and I sleep on the floor. I hold her hand. so she is not scare. J tell me I love you Sally for sleep with me in my room.

In morning I am telling my before maam. That J getting scare of thunder. That I sleep in her room. She get angry with J. She say J how many time I tell you not to be scare of thunder? To sleep in your own bed? Not to disturb me at night. I want to laugh because J is not disturb her. J is disturb me. But it ok because she is so small child and she need comfort. I happy I able to comfort J.

I know my before maam did not like that J is come to me for comfort. Maybe she feeling jealous? like she not good mother. She getting angry with J for that. She getting angry with J for want to sleep in my bed. Full day my before maam is worry that she do this again. She keep telling her J no get scare of thunder. J Stay in your room next time. I not want you to disturb anyone. J is looking so scare like she do some big mistake. I want to hug her again. to comfort her again. but I know my before maam not like it. 

Why my before maam not hug her? and say it ok J. Why she not tell her J you not worry? I there for you when it thunder. You come to me when it thunder. Why she not comfort her and make her feel better? I getting upset. Now I know why J not go to her room. why she come to my room when it thunder. It good that rain and thunder is very less in Dubai. So she not have to come to my room again. So she not have to cry in her bed if she is scare. 

Yesterday I think so much of J. My before maam and J is move to a country where there is lot of rain and thunder. I hope J is not scare of thunder anymore. And I hope her mother is comfort her when there is thunderstorm.


Amira said...

Interesting blog. You should make it into a book. Question for the author - is the character of the "maam" based on you?

dubaisally said...

Maam is like so many maams. And Sally is like so many maids. The situation is like so many situations. Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

One day, as I was reprimanding my 2 years old for something he did wrong, my maid opende her arms to him and said " come to sally, mummy is not goog" ! I was shocked and I told her that if she would talk like that again, then I wouldn't need her in my house.

She told me that I was jealous from her...

Well two days later off she went on the big airplane...!

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