Sea of life

This story is the 100th story on this blog. 100 stories of my life. 100 stories about my days. my boring days. Just think. Full day I do so boring things. I cook. I clean. I wash. I iron. I do laundry. and then I do it all again next day. Maybe sometimes I do something different. Like if maam is taking me to mall to see fountain or something like that. But mostly every day of my life is same. 

Before I start this blog my life was so boring. everyday. same boring day. After I start writing this blog I feel like my life is change. I see same thing. but it have different meaning. new meaning. I feel like everything in my life is now having some meaning.

I hope my life also having some meaning. to other housemaids. to all other person who think he is too small to do anything big. I want this story to tell you that you can be so very small but you can still have very big dreams.

I want to celebrate this 100th story. So I am doing something new on this blog. Because this blog make me see everything like it is new. I am writing a poem. About life. My first time to do this. I hope you like it.

Sea of Life
I am swimming
I am floating
I am drowning

The waves they come and they go
Sometimes they are high. sometimes low
I move with the water. fast or slow

Where is the boat to make me cross this sea
Who is the light that will guide me
Where can I put my anchor permanently

Every second of my life is like salt in this sea 
Small moment that change the taste of life for me
The stories of my life like water drops in this sea 

I want my mind to be deep just like the sea 
My heart to swallow you up if you let me
I want the light of the sun to shine in me 

I want to rock you in my arms when we meet
I want to pull the sand from under your feet
I want to make this life of ours complete

I know there is an end to this sea
Where the sky touch the sea. where we are free
Is it heaven or hell? it all depend on me

I know there is end to the sea of life. But I not want anything to end just now. I not want to stop my big dreams. My dreams are like castles of sand on the beach. Castles that my sea of life keeps eating up. But I always build the castle again. Because I never want to stop my dreaming.


Anonymous said...

Lovely words. No one should stop dreaming big. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your blog inspires others to keep their dreams alive. And for the record, I don't care if you are a Filipino maid or not. What you are trying to do here is what is important. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem. Most everyones life is the same thing day in and day out whether you are a maid or a business person. Your blog is a great step in breaking the cycle. Good for you.

Carmella Banker said...

Very Nice Poem Dear

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I love your blog, I wish you all the luck and sucess in the world. You have really inspired me!

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