pressure cooker

Maam is getting new cooker in house. It is a slow cooker. First she is having only a pressure cooker. But now she get this new thing. She tell me Sally I bring this cooker for you. to use. it is very nice. it cooking everything slowly. you put in morning it is done in evening. I not understand why she want me to use this new cooker. I am not needing any new cooker. She is not doing cooking. I am doing cooking. And I only want cooking to be done quickly. I am not wanting to wait whole day for my kitchen work to be finish. So pressure cooker is doing good work for me.

I tell her maam I not needing this slow thing. I am happy with pressure cooker. Maam saying Sally I bring this for you I think you would be happy to use it. Then she say Sally when you go Friday morning for your holiday you put everything in slow cooker before you go. Then when you come back it be ready. Now I understand why she buying this fancy thing. She is not wanting to do little bit cooking even on Friday. 

I go for my holiday at 5.30 or 6 o clock in morning. How she want me to cook before that? I am feeling little bit upset on maam. She always do this. She give me something nice but it always nice for her. Not for me. She is not buying it for me. She is buying it for her. 

Now I am feeling angry. I feel like a pressure cooker that is going to burst. Like I cannot breathe and it is all inside me. I telling maam I am not wanting this cooker. It no good for me. Maam say Sally your attitude really having to change. I get you something nice and you are rude. you all the time so rude. this will not do. if you not know how to use then I show you. but I want you to try to use it. at least on Friday. better change your attitude Sally. I am thinking she need to change her attitude for my Friday.

I now explain my Friday to you. it is my holiday. Which mean I do no work till evening. No cleaning. No cooking. No slow cooker. When I start working at this maam I am coming home at 5 in evening. But now maam is trust me little so I am coming little later. Maybe 7.00 or sometimes 7.30. When I come home my holiday is over. So I clean up kitchen. I wash all dishes that maam has use in day and leave in sink for me when I come back.

Now I am thinking how much maam is change since when I first come here. Before she would do cooking for lunch and dinner on Friday. Now she only eat from fridge or go out. Before she would do  cleaning for all dishes. Full sink would be empty. Now full sink is full. Now she leave everything for me. maam and sir taking children out for dinner on Fridays. so she not have to do any cooking. But now she not wanting to go out for dinner also. She make me cook dinner. In this stupid slow cooker. Before I go for my holiday.

This slow cooker is slowly taking my holiday away. Maybe I make the food bad in this slow cooker. I will put pressure on maam to return it. I like this idea. It slowly take the weight off. from my pressure cooker. and I am able to breathe again.


Anonymous said...

you are rude and not thankful person...i hope you go back of your memory and refresh it think about what you was and what you became.

Anonymous said...

Anon October 30, 9:39AM is an imbicile.

Sand Mama said...

Sally, it is super easy to make really gross food in a slow cooker. Put a chicken in there with some carrots, some potato, and some onion, no water. Leave on low for the whole day. It will be a wilted chicken that does not brown at all.
Also try cooking pasta in sauce in it, you will get a big blob to serve.
Your madam has, what we say, "Lost the Plot" of her life in Dubai...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Oct 30, 2011 9:39AM - go find another blog which your inadequate brain can cope to comprehend. This blog is for ppl who can spot talent, metaphors, and literary skill. You are just a mere reader, so learn to respect the writer. And if you don't have anything nice to say, shut up!

violet said...

haha! Yes, Sally. Do that! Make bad food :) I support you, haha.

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand is how your maam can't do anything for herself and she only has two children. I know poor Arab women who have 13 children and they do everything themselves, including washing and cooking. These elite have really lost the plot. What a joy to cook a meal for your family or take care of your children. You, Sally are an angel. God bless you.

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