One letter

For past week maam in not so good mood because sir is going London. Maam is also wanting to go but she not able to leave children for so many day. Sir is going for work and maam say even she wanting to go. For shopping and meet her friend. She tell me Sally I am stuck here because children having school. If I go who will look after children? Who will take them for school and swimming and tennis and piano?

Sir not having to worry about all this. If he have to go he going. He doing lot of travel. He go mostly London but sometimes other place also. He go one week. Then one week he is at home. Too much travel. And when he at home sometimes he going for golf or dinner. He not worry about who is look after children. Because he know maam is always there.

When sir not there then maam mood is little bit sad. Little alone. Like something missing. She not tell me but I know. Because I know how it like to be alone. Because I see her mood on her face. It look like she is eating something bitter. because she missing sir.

She is in this sad mood yesterday also. Then she go out and come back home. Now she is very excited. She is smiling. I think what happen to her that she in so good mood? Maybe sir coming back quickly? Then she tell me. She going to post office. Over here in Dubai the letters is not coming to the house. She having to go post office and pick up from the box. Usually she just get letter and I not even know that she go to post office. But today she show me this letter.

Her good friend is getting marry to her other good friend and she getting invitation. Maam is in so much good mood after getting this letter. She tell me Sally imagine these two friend is know each other for so many years but not romance. and now they getting marry. She say I not even know they dating. Then she say Sally I am missing all the news in my home country. I wish I was back.

She is running to make phone. She talking to her friend for lot of time. Full time she laughing and asking all question. When this happen? How it happen? Why you not send email? I am so surprise. but I am so happy for you both. I wish I was there. I wish I can come there. 

After the phone she tell me Sally I just have to go for this wedding. Imagine they both such good friend of mine from college. She say Sally I hope I can go. Sir will have to let me go. Then her mood go bad again. She say how I will go Sally? Who will take children to school and piano? Sir have to work he not able to stay home. 

She then say something to me first time. She say Sally I wish I not give up my job and stay at home. Then even I able to travel like sir. I not know this about maam. That she is also doing job before this. But she not tell me anything more and just go to her room.

One letter change her mood. One letter is make maam go from bitter to better. And then her mood go sad again. Not because she miss sir. but because she miss her life. I always think that because she have so nice house and car maam is so happy. But like me she also just live not love her life. 

See how one letter make so much difference? I hope sir let her go for wedding. I hope he give her chance to change her mood again.


Anonymous said...

Very clever. I get it. Bitter and better. Live and love. Chance and change. I love your blog and I read every post.

Tonya said...

I found your Blog yesterday and I have sat down and read every post you have written. You have made me laugh and cry. Amazing! Keep writing.

dubaisally said...

Thank you

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