Beauty queen

Some week back all housemaid is excited about Shamcey Supsup. She is Miss Philippines. Beauty queen. she is in the Miss Universe contest and she is in top5. She is not the winner. but she is making full Philippine very proud that she do so good. 

I do not think they are doing Miss UAE contest here in Dubai. I have not read in newspaper about it. Maybe it is there but I am not knowing. But definitely I know Miss UAE is not in Miss Universe contest. How they can be? All the local girl here is wearing abaya. Full black cover up on top of their dress. Even for swimming. Full abaya in the pool. Really I have seen it. They selling full cover burkini swimsuit in mall also. They are not allow to wear bikini. because they always have to cover up.  To hide the body. But you cannot wear burkini  or abaya for swim suit contest in miss universe show. Maybe thats why Miss UAE not going for Miss Universe.

Maybe you think that because they all wear abaya they all wear like uniform. But that not true. Some of their abaya is so fashionous. It so interesting when I go to mall sometimes with maam or on my holiday. I looking at all different style of the local emirati ladies. So many different style abaya. So many different style head scarf. Every lady is looking different. 

Some ladies are putting this big flower clip in their hair. Under the scarf to make the head look big. Mostly it look good.very stylish. but sometime when it is too big it looking so funny. like her head is going to fall off. One time I am seeing one lady getting in car. She is having to move her full head to side to make it fit inside the car. She is looking so funny. I am wanting to laugh. 

First I not knowing that they put flower clip to make it look like this. I always think how the head looking so big? Then one day I am in washroom at mall and I see this lady is making her scarf proper. That time I am seeing how her head is become so big. And I am knowing the secret of the flower clip.

But I am not understanding why they put such a pretty clip inside. because then they are hiding it with head scarf. They always hiding the beautiful thing. Like their body. And also their faces. some ladies have to cover the face. then you can see only her eyes. Like her eyes are looking out of a window. Like we are looking into a window. I want to open the window and see more. I want to see if there is something beautiful hiding inside.

When I am covering my face at my Oman sir house I am not able to see anything. I am all the time looking down and walking but still I am falling. But some of these ladies when they walk their head is so straight. Even with that big clip that make the head big. They walk like a princess or a queen. a beauty queen. No need for Miss UAE or Miss Universe contest.


Anonymous said...

kindly do not talk about my country ladies or i will inform about you....respect the people of the country you earning money for them..they give you Chances of work that your country did not give it for you..or go back to your homeland and talk about why your county>>why it's still poor country even alot of pinoy work abroad and why you have alot of WHORS in your country.

Anonymous said...

I think some arabs are unwilling to face the truth they are the biggest hypocrites of all.

Anonymous said...

I mean SOME Arabs are hypocrites is a better way to put that. Fact is, the Arab world has a lot of cruelty and double standards that cannot be reconciled with reality. Save for oil in much of Arab lands they would be just as backward as the filipinas and indians they hire. It is only because of oil we are having this conversation at all. Dubai Sally highlights these simple maids are every bit as intelligent and clearly more compassionate than the Arab world they temporarily live in.

And that is the hard pill SOME in the Arab community have a hard time swallowing. Obviously Dubai lets this blog survive for a reason. Perhaps it is to test freedom's limits as Dubai is CLEARLY the best Arab country by a factor of ten thousand compared to all the others (and I mean that with all sincerity). Or, it could be a form or rebellion within Dubai that Dubai is allowing. Worst option is that Dubai doesn't care what a filipina (or filipina sympathizing writer) does not care what is written. I don't think that is likely and I lean towards the first option that Dubai is just advanced and enlightened enough to allow a little reality because they do believe in freedom and the future.

Ergo, there will be highly offended arabs who view the hired help as slaves and whores even when they are the slavemasters and whoremongers. And that has to really hurt SOME arabs....

Anonymous said...

To Anon1- why are you getting so upset? She has not said anything bad about the ladies from your country. On the contrary, she has called them beautiful.

In fact, your comment is just a glimpse into the racism that exists in Dubai. You are threatening to report her for what? For her observations? For telling a story? For calling your country's ladies beautiful? What gives you the right to do that? Why do you feel you are so superior?

And if you think there are no whores in Dubai, you are living in a fantasy land. The fact that they might be imported from another country once again shows the double standards and hypocrisy that exists in your country.

These maids are doing the work that YOU do not want to do. They work for you, that does not mean you own them.

In any case this is a fictional blog. See the disclaimer below. But your comment shows us that the issues this blog raises are far from fiction. They are very real.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 doesn't clearly understand what Sally has written, well, sorry to say but your country is NOTHING if not with SMART EXPATS who's been working so hard to make "your life" better,,, so you better think twice before you criticize any other country, I think you're worst than a whore for talking so mean, people like you are the ones who can start big wars because of your BIG BAD MOUTH! & I hope you'll be able to understand what I just said because something tells me that you dont! you might as well consider asking some expat to explain this to you!

Anonymous said...

Ano1 - pitiful stupidity...the worst comment i've ever read this week. shame on you!

Anonymous said...

that the problem of locals here ! they think saying i will report on u scares us! thats the only sentence they know how to use! all brainless

Anonymous said...

You foriegners are always ungrateful your experts are not doing anthing for free so we dont owe them anything. you miss sally not a trustworthy person doing all this behind your madam's back and talking about the house secrets shame on you. our country gave u all opportunity to live a respectful live you cant get in your countries so at least respect our religen and traditions !!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1: Of all who have written comments, you are the MOST IGNORANT. RACIST!! Shame on you!

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