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Today I am reading in paper about this hotel for dogs in Dubai. This is for when the owner goes on vacation. I am very happy for the dogs. But sad for the housemaid. See even a dog is luckier than a maid. I tell you why.

When owner goes on vacation the dog can stay in this fancy hotel. The dog gets a beautiful room with a tv and garden and gym. and everyone take care of the dog. But when the owner of the house maid goes on vacation the maid has to stay in her room. Sometimes if the maam is going away long time then the house maid stays at another maams house. Sometimes the maam is take maid on vacation. But it not really vacation because the maid is still doing all the work. Only in different place. And no one is take care of housemaid on vacation. She have to still take care of everything. She have to look after children and do all the work she do at home.

So none of this is vacation for maid. She still have to do her work. If she at her own maams house maybe she can be little bit lazy. but she still have to clean everything before the maam come home. And if she is at the other maams house where she is staying she have to work extra. Because if other maam complain to her maam then her maam get upset. And that not good.

Even the floor of this hotel is very clean so the dog will not get germs. The noise is also kept low for dog to be able to relax. No one care about all that for house maid. In my oman sir house in my room one time there is leak from bathroom upstair. The full wall and ceiling is get wet and then all black. It look so bad. My oman sir is have full house painted but no one is painting my room and remove the black thing on my wall. Because it just the maid room.

When I go shopping I see special bed for dog in pet store. It look so comfortable. Not like house maid bed. Actually my bed in this house is nice. It use to be the bed of Sara but she is getting other bed. so now it is my bed. But it good quality and good size. But some of my friend their bed is so bad quality. And so small. One of my friend Rina is also having bed that the child is using. But it a small child bed. Like when the child is 2 or 3. Imagine it so small. No one is caring how the maid is sleeping. No one is caring whether the maid is comfortable.

One thing I am happy that I do not have in this house when my maam go on vacation. At the dog hotel they can see on video everything the dog is doing. Imagine if I having that in the house when maam going away. No no that is not good. that is one thing I am not wanting in this house. But I know that some maid is having this spy video in their life. Everyday. Not only when the maam is going on vacation.

The hotel is giving the dog fancy hotel food. Housemaid does not get fancy hotel food. This maam of mine never take me to hotel or restarant with children. She always leaving me at home. And I not mind it. because when I go out with the maam and sir I feel funny. Like we are part of family but different. not really part of family. I give you example. 

At my before sir house when we going this is what happen. My before maam is make me sit at another table for eating. Sometime with children. Sometime by myself. If there no other table then I have to sit on one corner. separate from family. then she is order for me a child meal. Or give me little from her plate and from sir plate. One time she taking me on friday for brunch. Friday is my holiday but she tell me one time Sally you not go on Friday I need you to come and watch children. We go to one very nice hotel. Full time I am sitting on a small child chair on one side. Or I am running with children. Children doing face painting. children playing. children eating. I am only watching children. All the maam and sir and children they eat lunch and drink lots. Full time I am waiting for my lunch but I am not getting even water. Maam tell me that her friend is pay for their food so she not want her friend to spend money on me. We reach home at 4 in afternoon. Then I eat my lunch quickly before I take children to park so maam and sir can sleep. That how it is for house maid.

The dogs have better bed. better room. better vacation. better food. than maid. I am happy for dog but sad for housemaid. That why the dog is lucky. Because even a dog has a better life than the house maid. 

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HI Sally, I am so glad that you are writing this blog and highlighting the awful fate of some of your kabayans. Its absolutely disgraceful how we as humans can mistreat each other at times. Its a shame you are unable to work with me as we treat our Yaya with Love and Respect as she deserves.

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