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Last week maam is taking children to mall buy new bag and new lunch box. She saying Sally I always buying new thing for them for new school year. I am thinking why she buying everything new? Old thing is also still looking nice. But then I am keeping quiet. Because I know that when children getting new thing all the old thing is coming to me. to send in my box. For my son. It is simple. Children getting better things means I can give my son better things also. And make his life little better.

When maam is going to mall she is wearing dress. I am telling her maam you be careful no one is take picture of your panty. Maam is saying Sally what you talking? Who is going to see my panty? I am telling her what I read in paper few week ago. Maam is also seeing same paper. but she not reading this story.

There is this man who is get arrest for looking at girls panty in carefour. Really. He having his phone in a shopping basket and when he seeing girl in skirt he put basket down next to her and take video of her panty. How he get this idea I am not knowing. Then I am thinking it so sad that he having to do so much trouble just to see girl in panty? It not correct what he do but maybe he so frustrate and that why he is doing this bad thing? I explain.

Lot of men is coming here to work from so many country. Lot of girl is also coming here but it different for girl. Because girl is have more control than man. These men are doing job here. Full day they work. They not allow to have girlfriend here. If they having girlfriend and they get caught then straight arrest. These men not going back home for so many years. They having no choice. they have to only do work  work work. To send money to home. some of them not seeing their wife for so many years. So like this  they are getting frustrate. Because they not able to have a woman. So they not think. they do stupid thing like this panty man. And then they get arrest and go to jail.

I hope my son when he grow big he is not come to this country to work. Because I not want him to do something stupid like this. I not want him to get frustrate because he does not have a woman. I not want him to get frustrate with his life. I want a better life. For him. And for me.

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This reminds me of Valerie from V for Vendetta.

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