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Today I am feeling sad. Yesterday my neighbour friend Dory is going back to Philippines. And she can never ever come back Dubai. Because her name not really Dory. Her name is really Alona. She is coming to work in Dubai when she is too young. Because she not having age she is making fake passport. With fake name and fake age. She is here in Dubai for 4 years I think. When her contract is expire her maam want to renew it but Dory is having problem. Her fake passport is also getting expire soon. So she will have to make new passport.

She is not wanting to have fake name forever. So she wants to make new passport with her real name Alona and real age. Because now her age is correct. But because she do eye scan when she is Dory she is not able to come back to Dubai when she is Alona. It very confusing. but all housemaid is understand this story of Dory. Because so many girl is come here in same way.

When we are fifteen or sixteen or seventeen we are very young to come here. But we need money. For our family. When the girl is so young she cannot go to abroad to work. It is not allow. So she makes fake passport. With fake name and fake age. She becomes someone else. Someone older. Because she want to help her family. That is how Alona became Dory.

Dory tells me that when she come here she have to make new birthday also. Her real birthday is in March but Dorys birthday is in July. So she have to celebrate her birthday in July. Every year her maam is getting cake for her on her fake birthday. Then they all sing fake happy birthday. Her maam is not knowing that it is fake birthday. Even we are not knowing it is all fake. That she is Alona. not Dory. She only tell us before she is going.

For us she is always Dory. She say now even she thinks she is Dory. Because everyone is calling her Dory for so many years. But I do not care if she Dory or Alona. She is my friend.


Yellow Bells said...

hi sally, please find time to read this article, maybe you and your girlfriends can join. share it to them it is very important.


Anonymous said...

what happen to dory? is she being accuse for faking her passport or she get to have a new one? the real one?

dubaisally said...

I do not know. She has gone back to Philippine.

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