laundry mark

Yesterday Rayan is doing colouring. On bedsheet. With pen that is not getting wash. Maam is saying Sally take the bed sheet to laundry. See if they can remove stain. I like going to laundry. Because remember I am telling you that there is this boy Mark who works in laundry that is liking me. I think. 

So today I am going to the laundry. When I am reaching there Mark is not there. There is this girl. When I go inside laundry she is on phone. She is crying. I waiting for her to finish. She is new. She is homesick. That why she is crying. I tell her no worry in few months you will think this is your home. you not feel so homesick. Then she cry more.

Now I feeling bad that I make her cry more. I ask her name. She tell me her name is Judy Ann. She is come here last week. I ask her where Mark is. She say Mark is working in other laundry now. Not here. I am feeling little bit sad. Mark is go away means maybe my chance is go away.

Then I feel little bad also. Because of Richie. I not know what he is doing but he is father of my son. That can not change. He is big part of my life. He is leaving big mark in my life because he is father of my child.

Rayan leaving mark on the bedsheet. Richie leaving mark on my life. And Mark from the laundry is leaving my life. without leaving a mark.

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